Failure of Manchester United in the FA Cup after being eliminated by Middlesbrough in the penalty shootout


The Man Utd had one of the most difficult nights at Old Trafford, losing from the penalty spot against Middlesbrough, currently in the Championship (second division), after a round that lasted until the sixteenth shot to define the commitment.

With the compass deflected and with many scoring opportunities manufactured by Cristiano Ronaldo Y Bruno Fernandes, the team was shipwrecked in its attempts to achieve a victory, despite having advanced the 25th minute of the commitment with a goal from Jadon Sancho.

The Middlesbrough team was at times cornered in their field under the siege of rival players, including the goalkeeper Joe Limley He was taking out all the shots against and preventing the score from being extended.

On the other hand, the ‘Red Devils’ had a messy second half, causing the rivals to have the only opportunity to score the tie after a dubious play Duncan Wattmore, who controlled the ball with his hand and finished off to make it 1-1.

With no options, the Man Utd he finished 30 times to the rival goal and only nine had direction to the goal. Although the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes had an opportunity to score the winning goal, his shot went straight to the post after a poor start by goalkeeper Limley.

With time expired, the game went into extra time and the ‘Red Devils’ ordeal would begin with the departure of Jadon Sancho injured and ‘Boro’ would end up closing the door on any attempt to beat them in extra time.

The penalty shootout was extended until the second round after all the shots of both teams had been scored, however, those directed by Ralf Rannick succumbed after Elanga’s failure, who sent his shot over the goal and ended up being eliminated in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

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