Fabulous Francisca Lachapel: "I lost 40 pounds and freed myself from the girdle"

Francesca Lachapel.

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A congratulatory applause to Francesca Lachapel for his perseverance, discipline that he has fabulous, why? she told it herself this morning in 'Wake up America': “I lost 40 pounds and was free from the girdle!” Which one? The one he uses since Gennaro was born.

Francisca shared with Karla Martínez, Alan Tacher and Carlos Calderón that She's 40 pounds lighter, and she's only 20 pounds away from her goal weight.

“I have to give you great news: Today I don't have a girdle!Francisca began by saying to her companions, while jumping and hugging Karla as a sign of celebration.

Alan and Carlos? They looked at them in disbelief and not understanding how being without a girdle had Francisca smiling so much: “Don't you see me happier, more liberated?“, he answered them.

Although for some this may sound like 'no news', surely those people were never inside a tight and almost suffocating girdle, those that they recommend using in the postpartum period, and for those who are or are empathetic, they will understand Francisca's happiness .


A little more serious Francisca confessed that the road has not been easy, that these 7 months in which she lost 40 pounds was based on discipline, keeping her mouth shut and being very active..

As we have shared with you, Francisca Lachapel is doing a well balanced nutrition plan not only to reach the weight you want, but to be able to have the necessary nutrients to continue caring for your baby.

We also tell you and show you that, to return to 'Despierta América', he put himself in the hands of Dermaclinic where he underwent a treatment based on manual massages and Venus Legacy. And one of the most important tools in this change it was the exercise, the one she does together with Gennaro and her husband Francesco Zampogna, and her personal trainer Yasmany Rodríguez.


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