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  • The President threatens judges and magistrates with revealing affairs, secrets or their sumptuous expenses.

…And I can change your name/ but I don't change the story/ Whatever your name is/ for me…

And for many Mexicans the story is the same: insecurity, violence, unemployment, poverty, deficiencies in the educational and health systems, as well as shortages of medicines.

I'm going to change your name / based on what you've brought...

And we all know that in recent years history has repeated itself: unfulfilled promises, pure demagoguery.

Today, thousands of workers from the Judicial Branch will march in 23 cities in the country (an estimated 50,000), to protest against the federal government, which ordered the elimination of 13 trusts with 15 billion pesos, and to raise awareness in the Senate so that it does not approve the minute that The Chamber of Deputies sent him.

The annoyance of the workers and the disbelief towards the words of the President – ​​who has assured that they will not be affected – have a context that dates back to August 8, 2018, when the Chief Executive made a promise that he has not been able to keep. .

Upon receiving his confirmation as President-elect, he offered to respect the sovereignty of the Powers of the Union and not allow illegitimate pressures or requests:

“In the new government, the President of the Republic will not have homing pigeons or threatening hawks; "No authority in charge of dispensing justice will be subject to pressure or illegitimate requests when they are working on the analysis, preparation or execution of their rulings and there will be absolute respect for their verdicts."

That day, at the headquarters of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, he assured that the Executive “will no longer be the power of the Powers nor will it seek to subdue the others. Each person will act within their sphere of competence and the sum of respectful and independent work will strengthen the Republic and the democratic rule of law will move from ideal to reality.”

In recent years we have witnessed the constant attack by the Executive on the Judiciary. He criticizes his sentences and disqualifies them when they do not favor him; proposed a judicial reform and elect ministers by direct vote, when his original initiative to give two more years to Arturo Zaldivar, as president of the Court, was rejected; It threatens judges and magistrates with revealing affairs, secrets or their sumptuous expenses, and now it suffocates them financially.

I'm going to change your name...

On November 25, two years ago, during a tour of Zacatecas, the head of the Executive promised supply and distribution of medicines to the most remote towns: “There will be no shortage or I will stop calling Andrew Manuel”.

I'm going to change your name / based on what you have brought / Now you will call yourself... You deserve it well.

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