FA Cup: Manchester City is crowned and goes for the triplet in the Champions League | Video

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He Manchester City caught his second FA Cup under the mandate of Pep Guardiola (2-1) and is only one game away, the final of the Champions League against him Inter de Milanto become the second English team in history to win the treble.

It will be in seven days when Guardiola's team, perhaps the most dominant in English football, will have the opportunity to match the feat of Manchester United 1999. Inter will have the last word, after United lost the chance to be the executioner of the historic season of the 'Sky Blues'.

In a final that already seemed unbalanced in itself, the exit to the field of those from Erik Tenhagwho granted the earliest goal in FA Cup final history. As soon as City got out of the center of the field, there was a ball from Stefan Ortegaan extension of Haalandan erratic clearance of Lindelof and one volley to Ilkay Gundogan's squad. thirteen seconds and United had already shot themselves in the foot (1-0).

And three minutes later, he had to be thankful that the final hadn't closed the record already, because a header from Rodri and a shot of debruyne they could quickly sentence the trophy.

It would have been the natural outcome of the meeting, because United was not even presentuntil the VAR he brought him out of torpor with an action that practically no one saw.

Bruno Fernandes placed a cross to the far post, Wan Bissaka he won it headlong and the leather touched the hand of Jakc Grealish. A few seconds passed without anyone claiming anything, until the referee stopped the match because he had received the VAR warning. Visit the screen and penalty for United. Fernandes, who gave United an undeserved extra ball, did not miss from eleven meters (1.1).

It didn't take long for him to lose her. minutes after starting the second part, De Bruyne, in a lateral free kick, brought up Guardiola's blackboard and United's lack of learning. The Belgian served the ball Gundogan in the front and the German, with a hit less clean than the first, took a volley before which degeasomething covered, could do much more (2-1).

The Spanish goalkeeper made up for it by avoiding the goal of Haalandin a good stop below the Norwegian's shot from the penalty spot, but the general feeling was that the final had gone away with that second volley from Gundogan.

Rashford and a Alexander Garnacho that came out of soda they tried it with two shots from the front, also Scott McTominay with a header against the crossbar at the last moment, but there was no surprise, the City, the favorites, won their seventh FA Cup, with which they break with the blackburn rovers and the Newcastle United in the palmares and is equal with the astonville.

is the second FA Cup for the City since it is guardiolaafter which they achieved in 2019 thrashing the watford by Javi Gracia.

After some celebrations that seem short, due to the importance of what lies ahead, City will begin to prepare for the assault on the final of the Champions League of the next Saturday in istanbul against him Inter de Milan.

They already have in their pocket premier league and the FA Cup, now the jackpot remains; the 'Orejona' and the legendary record of its neighbors.

(With information from EFE)

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