F1 | This exceeds everything imagined: Verstappen

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The Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), brand new triple Formula 1 world champion, explained to EFE this Saturday at the Lusail circuit, where he finished second in the Qatar Grand Prix sprint, who "of course" wants to "continue winning everything he can", but for the moment "everything is perfect, because" he has achieved many more successes that could never have been imagined.

If he wins again this Sunday, when he starts from pole in the 'normal' Lusail race, Verstappen, who turned 26 a week ago, will add his 49th victory in F1 -the fourteenth of the year-, which will be just two away from the fourth historical mark of Frenchman Alain Prost. And with five more races to go he could also catch up with the other four-time world champion, the German Sebastian Vettel, 53 times triumphant in the premier category.

Of course I want to win everything I can. (Achieve the victories of the aforementioned Prost and Vettel) It will depend on what happens in the next races. But right now what I want is to enjoy this moment. I am very proud and happy. I'm still young, but I've already earned much more than I expected. I have already achieved much more than I could have imagined. So everything is perfect at this moment for me,” the triple F1 world champion responded to EFE this Saturday during the official press conference of the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) that took place at the Lusail circuit, located about 30 kilometers north of Doha, the capital of Qatar.

“Being a triple world champion is something that sounds very good. Sounds great. I am very proud for myself, for my family; and for everyone on the team, to whom I am very grateful for the sensational work they always do. The atmosphere within the team is phenomenal. and working with these people is something very important,” he commented.

“Of the three titles, I think this is the best. The first may have been the most emotional. But this year is clearly being my best year, with those ten victories in a row (constituting a historical record), which make me very proud, too. Then there is the title in the middle, which is that: the one in the middle,” said 'Mad Max', who on Friday signed his thirtieth pole position in the honorable division of motorsports, the tenth of the season.

“It is difficult to say if as soon as we tested the RB19 in the preseason tests I already knew that with this car I was going to win again without problems. The truth is that it looked very good, but we were in Bahrain. He was going well on that circuit (Sakhir), but we didn't know how he was going to perform on the rest either.”

“But throughout the year we have had great results and we have done a great job,” said Verstappen, who stated that he did not see himself world champion until this Saturday. “I have complete security now, because dreaming never takes you anywhere. But it is clear that we have been improving race by race,” she said.

“I don't know if I've improved that much this year. I don't know if I'm faster, but it's clear that you're getting more and more experienced. "That you grow as a driver and as a person," commented 'Mad Max', who, when asked if he felt pressure at any point during the season, referred to Zandvoort, where won before his very passionate fans the Dutch Grand Prix.

“With the asphalt wet and very slippery, because we were on slicks, I did notice something, because Behind were people who had nothing to lose in that race.“explained the Dutchman, who is not entirely clear about what his best victory has been.

“I liked the one in Miami (USA). Also the one in Spa (Belgium), the one in Zandvoort. In Suzuka (Japan) we won the Constructors' World Championship again. It's hard to say just one“, he pointed out.

He is clearer, on the other hand, about what his best pole position has been: “the one in Suzuka, probably. The car seemed unreal. And he drove it smiling,” said Verstappen, who, regarding the team's best Grand Prix, was blunt: “every weekend. I can't choose one. The team is always good“.

He doesn't know how many more titles he can win. “It will depend on the package (of the car). I know I'm young and I still have a couple of years left. It will depend on how long I am here and if something changes. But for now I continue with all the desire in the world. Today I knew I only needed three points, but I wanted to win. I did find out that he was already world champion because 'Checo' retired. But I wasn't thinking about that at the time. I wanted to win,” he stated.

One day hunger will end, it is logical. I'm still young, but the time will come when I have enough and want to do other things; or run fewer races. But not now,” she said.

Tonight it is clear that we will have a drink“He commented, smiling. “But tomorrow I will be here again,” said the brand new triple world champion this Saturday in Qatar. (EFE)

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