F1: Start engines for the 2023 season in Bahrain | Calendar

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The Formula 1 World Cup starts this Friday with the Bahrain Grand Prixproof that he will premiere a longest schedule in history with 24 raceswithout China and with the news of Las Vegas, plus the thrill of up six qualifying sprint races.

As usual due to the COVID pandemic, but against the traditional composition of the Formula 1 calendar, Bahrain will repeat as the setting for the coming-out of the World Cup, while it will close on November 26 in Abu Dhabi. The desert circuit debuted in competition in 2004, since then it has hosted 18 Grands Prix, with the 2011 break as the only absence.

Exceeding the 23 races held in 2023, this new season will travel up to 24 times around the world, after the incorporation of Las Vegas to the calendar. This test on American soil increases the weight of the country in the World Cup, since it will have three Grand Prix –Miami, Austin and Las Vegas– in the new course.

Although it was rumored with his return after the health epidemic, China will not have a Grand Prix in 2023, originally scheduled for April 16, again due to the COVID-19. So, there will be a three-week break between the Melbourne and Baku races, third and fourth, respectively. The one that will have a place is the test in Qatar, after the momentary stoppage for the World Cup 2022.

The first 'triplet' as far as consecutive Grands Prix is ​​concerned will come with those of the Emilia Romagna (May 21), Monaco (28) and Spain (June 4). After this, it will be the turn of Canada, June 18, to later live four tests, all in Europe, in the month of July, with the GP of Austria, Great Britain, Hungary and Belgium, before the summer break.

Zandvoort will be the first stage after the holidays, on August 27, just a week before the race in Monza. From there, the Asian tour will arrive with the Grand Prix of Singapore, Japan and Qatar. Later, already in the final stretch of the World Cup, Formula 1 travels to America, with the races in austin and mexico in October and in Brazil andn November, the month in which it will be released Las Vegas.

The climax, who knows if with everything at stake, will take place in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, on November 26, to close the longest calendar in Formula 1 history, with 24 races in eight months. In addition, it will have six sprint races twice as much as in 2022, in Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, Austin and Brazil.

This is the calendar for the 2023 season in Formula 1:
Bahrain: March 5
Saudi Arabia: March 19
Australia: April 2
Azerbaijan: April 30
Miami: May 7
Emilia Romagna: May 21
Monaco: May 28
Spain: June 4
Canada: June 18
Austria: July 2
Great Britain: July 9
Hungary: July 23
Belgium: July 30
Netherlands: August 27
Italy: September 3
Singapore: September 17
Japan: September 24
Qatar: October 8
United States: October 22
Mexico: October 29
Brazil: November 5
Las Vegas: November 18
Abu Dhabi: November 26

(With information from Europe Press)

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