F1: Meet the RB19 that 'Checo' and Verstappen will drive in 2023 | Video

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Red Bull Racingworld champion team in 2022, presented this Friday morning the new RB19a single-seater with which the Dutchman and current monarch of the Formula 1, max verstappenand the Mexican Sergio 'Checo' Perezthey will seek to repeat a successful season in 2023.

To the event held in the city of NY in the United States attended the pilot born in Guadalajara, who was introduced to the attendees as 'The Mexican Minister of Defense'.

Christian Hornerhead of the Red Bull team, opened his participation highlighting the importance that has gained United States on the Formula 1 calendar, a situation that led to the presentation in the North American country. As of that year they will have three races in Austin, Miami Y Las Vegas.

Prior to the final design of the successor to the RB18the brand announced that for three American races there will be one design competitionbeginning today for the Miami Grand Prixwhere fans can Design your own version of the new car.

Winning designs may be used in the races of all three United States Grands Prix as part of the project 'Make Your Mark' that seeks to involve motor sport fans in the team.

Subsequently both 'Czech' What 'Mad Max' joined Horner onstage, where they reminisced about successes achieved in past seasons and what will they look for repeat in 2023.

After almost an hour of the event, the RB19 finally it was presentedin what turned out to be a identical design to the previous one with the already iconic colors of the team (blue, yellow and red) and that they have used in the last seasons, since most of the changes are focused on performance and aerodynamics, in line with the new regulations of the highest category.

Verstappenwho has won the last two drivers' championships, commented:

We have had many successes in the car so why change it?

The event closed with an attendance of jim farleyCEO of Fordwhich earlier in the day announced its return to the top flight for the 2026 season in association with Red Bull Y AlphaTauriin news that will seek to start a stage in professional motorsport.

at the moment, alone Red Bull and the American team Haas have presented their new single-seaters for 2023, but then we leave the full schedule of presentations of the eight remaining Formula 1 teams.

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