F1: "It's a bloody joke", 'Czech' after elimination in Q2

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the mexican pilot Sergio 'Checo' Perezfell again in the second qualifying round, now in the Austrian Grand Prixin what remains an unfortunate streak of incidents and errors that have marked the man from Guadalajara in recent weeks.

Despite setting some of the fastest times in qualifying on Saturday, 'Checo' exceeded the track limits in three of his Q2 attemptstherefore, by not marking a valid time, it was removed and will leave fifteenth in the race on Sunday.

Still during Qualy, after receiving the news that his time had been eliminated, the Mexican he lamented on the radio with his team:

There is no way where? Damn can we go again? I mean, what a fucking joke with the times, with the track limits. I had Albon blocking me, I…

Later, at a press conference, Pérez attacked some of the sanctions and considerations of the judges at the time of the penalty, declaring that during one of his fast laps he was blocked by the Thai Alex Albónof williamswho did not receive any penalty or warning.

Everything was going well, we had a good lap, but out of the blue, on my last lap I found Albon I think and I had to stay straight, I couldn't stop, I think I lost a tenth or something just by going straight and the race directors they did not consider that. I was blocked.

On recovering positions and perhaps getting on the podium in Sunday's race, from the Red Bull Ring, he commented that it is very feasible to advance positions thanks to the Austrian carbut he continued to insist on his disappointment and annoyance regarding the marking criteria.

It's frustrating that we don't have a good system and don't consider when these things happen […] ANDIt is a system where there is a person at the computer watching, with pure visual touch, and does not consider anything. I lost time, I went straight and they blocked me on my lap, and in the end, they take me out of Q3, but there is no other option.

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