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Sergio 'Checo' Perez denied to have deliberately crashed the RB18 in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix in May, after media outlets speculated that this is the source of the controversy in the Brazilian Grand Prix from last weekend.

The two-time champion of the Formula 1 with Red Bull, Max Verstappenrefused to give the position to Pérez in the circuit of interlagos, despite the team telling him to. Max claimed that his actions came from “something that happened in the past”.

Dutch media have speculated that what happened was a revenge for an alleged deliberate crash by Pérez in Monaco, where overtaking is extremely difficult and the classification practically determines the winners. The Mexican lined up third and ahead 'Mad Max' on the grid and then win the Grand Prix.

The Mexican, who is in the middle of a fight for second place in the championshiphe told a journalist before the season finale in Abu Dhabi that Monaco had not been mentioned in the talks among the members of the team after Brazil.

Everyone makes mistakes in Monaco, and generally in qualifying, it's not like it was done on purpose. That rumor is wrong.

The events of the weekend sparked a strong reaction against Verstappenwho said that he and his family had suffered threats and abuse online, escalating an already tense situation within the Austrian team. Despite what happened, Verstappen assured that he was prepared to help his teammate if necessary this weekend.

perezwho had enjoyed a harmonious relationship with Verstappen and that he has helped him on several occasions, said that he and the 25-year-old are adults and they will leave behind what happened in Brazil.

Despite the conversations, 'Checo' commented that Verstappen's specific motives remain unclear.

If it's Monaco or other things, that's for him to say, I don't know how long he's been there. We haven't discussed it (…) We talked about what happened in Brazil and went through all the scenarios, all the mistakes we made as a team, not preparing the race enough and so on.

(With information from Reuters)

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