Exports in Costa Rica grow 19% during January | News

The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer) reported on Tuesday that the nation’s exports of goods grew by 19 percent, which represents a total of 1,145 million dollars, during the month of January 2022.


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According to the entity, the category of Precision and Medical Equipment is the main source of income for exports of the Central American country, since sales in this sector rose by 63 million dollars, corresponding to 20 percent.

Likewise, Procomer specified that this sphere represented 34 percent of the total exports made in the country in January, due to supplements such as medical equipment, needles and catheters, among others.

“These are data that by themselves are encouraging, but even more so if we consider that it is a behavior with a growing and sustained base, in times of pandemic and affectation of international markets”, pointed out the Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano .

In another order, Procomer recorded that exports belonging to agricultural production accumulated a total of 226 million dollars, which places this sector in the second as a primary source of income for the increase in the country’s exports, with 20 percent of participation in exported products.

It should be noted that agricultural sales decreased by one percent compared to last January 2021, due to the reduction in the number of shipments of products to the United States and Europe; as well as the Netherlands and Turkey.