Expert recommends insuring heritage in areas prone to natural disasters

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In his recent participation in the morning broadcast of The Sun Comes Outthe mortgage advisor, Fernando Soto Hayhighlighted the importance of having insurance of homes in areas prone to suffer natural disasterslike Mexico.

Soto Hay explained that while insurance may seem expensive, They are designed to cover eventualities and protect the heritage of people.

The specialist stressed that, in Mexico, less than 25% of 36 million homes that there is a record, They have home insurance.

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Likewise, a large part of this percentage have insurance because the mortgage credits They demand their hiring.

Soto Hay warned that not having insurance of this type can represent a serious problem for those who lose their possessions in natural disasterssince they will have to use own resources for reconstruction.

However, he mentioned that banks offer support instruments for reconstruction.

The expert emphasized that In Mexico there is no solid culture of insuring heritageas happens with cars.

He advised considering the possibility of ensuring, even if partially heritage, which would help mitigate expenses in case of suffering an event of this nature

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In the case of AcapulcoSoto Hay stressed the importance of taking into account the seismicity of the area and Meteorological phenomena when choosing the type of coverage to be contracted.

He stressed that obtaining a credit Rebuilding a damaged property should not be considered a burden, but rather an investment in family assets.

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Finally, he advised those buying or selling properties in areas prone to natural disasters to be cautious and highlighted the importance of patience in the reconstruction process.


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