Experian Go offers free program to build credit


According to a national survey by Experian, one of the nation’s credit reporting agencies, 57 percent of Hispanics agree that credit is necessary to get the things they want in life, yet 25 percent say that credit is confusing and nearly a third feel uneducated about the credit system.

Experian has many free resources available to consumers. Experian Go is the latest.

Experian Go is a program to help consumers establish their financial identity by creating an Experian credit report.

In a matter of minutes, people with no credit history can have an authenticated Experian credit report, lines of credit and credit history through Experian Boost, and instant access to financial offers through Experian Go.

Approximately 50 million consumers have no or limited credit history.

Without an existing credit report, lenders cannot verify a consumer’s identity, and consumers cannot access credit at fair and affordable rates. These consumers are often caught up in predatory lending cycles; they are unable to cover emergency expenses and face limited housing options, higher insurance premiums and interest rates, employment problems, higher deposit requirements and more.

According to Experian research, 28 million consumers are people with no credit history and another 21 million consumers have “unqualified” credit files, meaning they have what is considered a small or limited credit history.

The problem most often affects non-white communities. In fact, a recent Experian survey found that 1 in 5 Black consumers and a third of Hispanic consumers have no credit in their name, and 65% of Black consumers and 51% of Hispanic consumers are unsure of the steps they must take to establish or improve their credit.

The launch of Experian Go is a continuation of Experian’s mission to help consumers everywhere access fair and affordable credit.

The free program will help people with no credit establish a credit report for the first time. Consumers can also obtain a credit score once there is sufficient credit history on file.

Experian also offers Experian Boost, a feature that allows consumers to add positive payments on utility and telecom bills directly to their credit report to potentially boost their credit score instantly.

People who create an account with Experian also receive ongoing education and recommendations to further build their credit history, including access to free Experian credit reports, credit monitoring and more.

Experian can help. To use Experian resources, visit Experian.com and download the Experian mobile app.

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