Expedte. of Honduras attends first hearing on extradition | News

The former president of Honduras, Juan Hernández, went to the Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday, where the judge hearing his case heads the first hearing to learn about the situation of the former president regarding the extradition request requested by the United States.


Expedte. of Honduras will appear before the justice after extradition request

Under strong security measures and in the midst of demonstrations of support and rejection, respectively, former president Hernández entered the court handcuffed hand and foot and wearing a bulletproof vest under the protection of security elements.

At this hearing, Hernández is scheduled to hear the charges that he is making in relation to three crimes related to drug trafficking and they will inform him of the date of the next court date.

Judge Edwin Ortez, appointed by the court to hear the extradition request, will have the opportunity to decide whether the former president returns to the headquarters of the National Directorate of Special Forces or if he is sent to the First Infantry Battalion to serve preventive detention.

Hernández was arrested on Tuesday after the United States requested him for extradition purposes for drug trafficking and use of weapons, confirmed the Honduran Minister of Security, Ramón Sabillón.

He added that the judge appointed by the Supreme Court to study the request for the extradition of the former president will be the one who “determines the processes” to follow in the case of Hernández, who on January 27 concluded his eight-year term.

Before the hearing began, a group of activists from the now ruling Libertad y Refundación Party (Libre, left), who arrived on motorcycles, apparently wanting to confront those from the National Party, were blocked by agents of the National Police.