Executive and Legislative Branches must promote mechanisms that unleash the potential of migrants: Evangelina Moreno

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Mexico.- The Legislative and Executive powers must promote the creation of mechanisms that unleash the potential of migrants who decide to undertake, invest and generate development dynamics that transcend and promote other types of opportunities in the country, said representative Evangelina Moreno Guerra ( Morena), secretary of the Northern Border Affairs Commission.

By welcoming the “T-MEC” forum in San Lázaro. Financial and business opportunities and challenges for Mexican migrants”, where legislators Érika Vanessa del Castillo Ibarra, Olga Leticia Rojas Chávez, Alejandro Robles Gómez and Mario Alberto Torres Escudero, from Morena, were present, as well as various migrant organizations, the Representative Moreno Guerra commented that the objective of this forum is to generate a process of dialogue between the various actors involved and to unload some pending issues on the migrant agenda.

Through a statement, he acknowledged that migrants face structural and cultural discrimination every day, “and that must be reversed.” For this reason, deputies have the challenge of approving protective legislation and improving the living conditions of migrants from situations of abuse suffered by people and families in situations of mobility.

The legislator stressed that in recent decades the city of Tijuana has changed: “today it is one of the most prosperous cities in the country, and we owe that, largely to the migrants who arrive and give their best effort to build “a plural city with diverse opportunities for everyone.”

However, the representative for that city commented that there is still much to do; There are challenges and many pending tasks regarding the migrant agenda. “It is not enough to recognize their importance for the country, especially in the time of pandemic in which they were vital for the functioning of Mexican society.”

The deputy called for strengthening small and medium-sized businesses, including microenterprises (SMEs) that contribute significantly to economic growth, employment, community development, youth participation and innovation, and “let us seek support for their growth and development by improving their ability to participate in and benefit from the opportunities created by the USMCA.”

It is also true that more seats of political representation are needed for Mexican migrants, and “be careful, not only for Mexican migrants who reside in the United States, but spaces must be opened for Mexican residents who live in other countries both in America as in other continents,” he said.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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