Exact moment when the truck goes up to the Diana Cazadora fountain

Exact moment when the truck goes up to the Diana
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On Diana the Huntress fountain a truck ended up being hit and the exact moment of how he crashed and ended up in that place, was leaked in the social networks through a video captured by video surveillance cameras.

The Secretary of Citizen Security reported that the balance was two injured who ended up in the hospital, although the driver was in police custody. Now, from the video, we know how the truck came to rest on the fountain located in the Paseo de la Reforma.

In the video you can see how The truck goes out to the roundabout and goes straight. against the source, it never stops, until it ends on the structure.

Although first reports indicate that the driver possibly lost control, the clip does not show that he is making any type of maneuver and you can even see that he turns on the turn signals, which remain on once he is on the road. Diana the Huntress fountain.

The video was released through the @ELPOLICIA account on X, formerly Twitter, and has quickly spread online.

Injured 29 and 25 year olds

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, Jesús Ponce, 29, and Jaqueline Espinoza, 25, are the people who were aboard the Audi van.

The man was the one driving and she ended up in the hospital; Jesús was also taken to a hospital but under police custody, accused of injuries and damage.

Crash in the Diana Cazadora impresses users

He video which has just been made known answers most of the questions that users had asked on social networks about how the truck could have arrived at the fountain.

In the previous videos, only the car was seen lying on the structure, but it was not known how it got there.

Between the comments it read:

  • Hard to believe.
  • I'm sorry, but what I want to know is how.
  • Achievement unlocked.
  • He didn't even turn on the turn signals.
  • Things you don't know how they got there.
  • I don't think he was driving drunk, right.
  • Well, we already saw that it is not impossible.
  • His car was thirsty.
  • How it got there.
  • Wanting is power.

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