Ex-footballer Hugo Maradona, Diego Armando's brother, dies | News

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Former soccer player Hugo Maradona and younger brother of Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona, died this Tuesday at the age of 52 of cardiac arrest at his home in the Italian municipality of Monte di Procida in the province of Naples, according to local media.


Diego Maradona and his first anniversary in immortality

Hugo's death occurs more than a year after the death of his brother Diego Armando, who died on November 25, 2021 at the age of 60.

Hugo was born in Lanús, Buenos Aires province in Argentina like his brother. His beginnings in professional soccer were also made in Argentinos Juniors, obtaining the 1986 Inter-American Cup.

The youngest of the Maradona was an attacking midfielder and reached the Argentine youth team until Napoli bought him in 1987. In that club, his brother also left a relevant path.

Despite not achieving the success of Diego Armando, Hugo was loaned to the Italian club Ascoli. Later, he played for Rayo Vallecano in Spain, Rapid Vienna in Austria, Deportivo Italia in Venezuela, Progreso in Uruguay, among other Japanese and Canadian clubs.

At the age of 40, he decided to retire to start a career as a coach, which was followed by directing the PR Islanders in Puerto Rico and ended his career at Real Perete in Italy, a third-rate Neapolitan team.

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