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The Oral Criminal Trial Court of San Bernardo de Chile found guilty this Thursday two former police officers for physically violating the citizen Mario Acuña during the protests of the social outbreak of 2019, who was left in a vegetative state as a result of the brutal beating that they gave him. they tipped this one.


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According to national media, the events took place on the night of October 23, 2019 when the police extremely violently repressed popular demonstrations against the neoliberal model.

Without provocation, former police officers Henry Giovanny Cuellar Vega and Víctor Antonio Lastra Marguirot hit Acuña with their batons, who was hiding in a square in the area. On August 3, the sentence of the defendants will be announced.

After the beating, the Chilean citizen suffered serious head injuries that left him in a vegetative state and with severe neurological damage.

In this sense, the ex-gendarmes were sentenced for the crime of co-authorship in the production of very serious serious injuries by means of illegitimate pressures against Mario Acuña.

Similarly, a third police officer identified with the initials JRRA, a former Carabineros captain, was convicted of two crimes of unlawful coercion committed at the same stage and in the same place.

According to local sources, this ex-soldier used his firearm for no reason, specifically a riot shotgun, which caused injuries to two protesters.

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