Evo Morales warns of a destabilizing plan promoted by the DEA in Bolivia | News

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The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, denounced this Saturday that the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is executing a destabilizing plan against the coca grower movement and its leaders.


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In a series of tweets from his official account, Morales issued a warning to the Bolivian people and the international community about this DEA plan, along with his political and media agents operating in Bolivia.

"The DEA executes a destabilizing plan of lies and hate speech against the coca grower movement and its leaders. Their plan is to lie to divide," Morales wrote, after the US offered up to five million dollars for information that would convict to Maximiliano Dávila, former anti-drug chief of the government of the former Bolivian president

According to the former president, "this political operation (of the DEA) follows the same "recipe" that the United States uses to justify coups and invade countries.

"To execute the Condor Plan, they accused popular governments of being "communist", to plunder natural resources, they accused socialist presidents of being "terrorists", he stressed.

"In Bolivia, as the right has failed and shown that it only serves to assault the State, rob and massacre, the US and its agencies (such as the DEA) try to discredit us politically and then physically eliminate us. Our defense will always be with the truth and honesty," Morales said.

The Movement Towards Socialism - Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP) "is an anti-imperialist movement because it fights against US interventionism that promotes coups," he wrote.

"One of the ideological bases of our struggle is the defense of sovereignty. The DEA is responsible for the massacres against sisters and brothers of the Tropics," said the former head of state, victim of a coup at the end of 2019.

"Depending on the DEA is submitting the sovereignty of Bolivia to US interventionism. Defending the DEA is betraying the struggle for freedom and dignity of our peoples. Bolivia is a free and dignified country," he said.

From New York, the district court prosecutor for the southern district of Manhattan, Damian Williams, and the DEA administrator, Anne Milgram, accused Maximiliano Dávila of "importing cocaine" into the United States and "possession" of weapons.

"Those who threaten our safety and life forget that we come from the resistance of humble and hard-working people against the repressive system of neoliberalism that is servile to US imperialism. To lend themselves to the DEA conspiracy is to betray the struggle of the Bolivian people," Morales wrote last Wednesday.

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