Everything that is known about the girls who disappeared in El Agustino and who were found three days later in Miraflores

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General PNP of the human trafficking division speaks about the minors who were found in Miraflores. atv

This December 15, the disappearance of three minors was reported, who were last seen on the night of Sunday, November 12when they left their homes located in The Augustinian.

Worried about not having more information, his relatives moved sky, sea and land to discover his real whereabouts. Thanks to the geolocation from the cell phone of one of the teenagers, they believed they were inside the building Leyla buildinglocated at the intersection of José Pardo Avenue with block 1 of Recavarren Street, in Miraflores.

From 6 in the morning this Wednesday, their relatives approached the doors of the property to find the three girls. It turned out that two are sistersaged 13 and 15, while the third person involved, aged 14, is friend of both.

Members of the National Police of Peru (PNP) and other authorities to search the entire perimeter, however, they did not find the minors. What they did find was a spa named VIP Romanslocated on the 12th floor, which would function as a front for illegal sex work.

The Police believe that illicit activities would operate at the Romanos VIP Spa - credit Instagram
The Police believe that illicit activities would operate at the Romanos VIP Spa - credit Instagram

It should be noted that this property had been reported in 2020 for housing victims of white slave trafficaccording to information from the authorities.

Given these discoveries, the hypothesis was reinforced indicating that the adolescents were allegedly recruited by individuals dedicated to the human trafficking. Likewise, they indicated that the thesis of a kidnapping or kidnapping since, in all this time, they had not contacted the relatives to ask for any ransom.

Juliana Style reported that the three minors were found by police officers wandering around the kennedy park, from Miraflores. All were transferred to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (Dirincri), in Cercado de Lima.

Minors missing days ago were found by a journalist in Kennedy Park in Miraflores. (Photo: Infobae Composition)
Minors missing days ago were found by a journalist in Kennedy Park in Miraflores. (Photo: Infobae Composition)

According to information provided by PNP General Carlos Malaver, head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division, it was a press man who found the teenagers. Along these lines, he explained that the geolocation used hours before had a margin of error of hundreds of meters, so it seems coherent that they were found close to the Leyla buildingwhere the investigations were carried out.

“A reporter told me that he had found the minors in the vicinity of Kennedy Park, this due to the great coverage that was given to them from the early hours of the day during the intervention of this Miraflores building,” he told the aforementioned newscast.

“As they mentioned before, through technological means we located their geolocation when they turned on the phone, but it has a margin of error of approximately 700 meters. We went to this building because it had previously been intervened for activities related to sex work. This gave us a thread that it could be a similar case related to human trafficking due to the recruitment of minors (...) We do not rule out a single hypothesis,” he added.

The Police surrounded the perimeter where the Leyla building is located, in Miraflores - credit Infobae Perú
The Police surrounded the perimeter where the Leyla building is located, in Miraflores - credit Infobae Perú

The person in charge of the Division against Human Trafficking revealed that the three teenagers they avoided commenting about who they had been with, and where, all these days. Furthermore, he specified that there are still many “questions to be answered,” so he does not rule out even one hypothesis raised.

“There are a series of questions to answer, such as where they slept, who they were with, what happened to them. We are in these proceedings, first communicating to the parents, second to the Public Ministry. It must be taken into consideration that, when dealing with minors, certain types of protocols must be respected," he declared.

“We want their parents to confirm if they are wearing the same clothes. In addition, they will have to go through a legal medical examination to see if they have suddenly been victims of some type of sexual assault,” she added.

- composition credit Infobae Peru / Latina
- composition credit Infobae Peru / Latina

According to relatives of the victims, the two sisters, who met the other teenager at a typical dance academy, left their home in The Augustinian in the face of the insistent calls they received.

The brother of the minors, aged 13 and 15, revealed that it was he who gave them permission to leave after learning that the third person in question was the one waiting for them meters from their house. Security cameras in the area captured when the three young women met. It is still unknown if they were captured through any social network or tricked by a mutual friend.

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