Evaluna and Camilo share the first images of their daughter Indigo: “The Tribe Grew”

The birth of the first daughter of Evaluate Montaner Y Camilo was announced on April 6 exclusively through Opinion, and although at that time no member of the family had spoken because they preferred to keep all the details under absolute discretion, it was finally this April 9 when the couple bragged the first images of the newborn whatwhich will bear the name Indigo.

In a video shared through their respective social networks, the proud parents exposed a series of moving images in which they revealed some details of the baby’s birth.

Indigo was born. God was present in every second of the birth in our home. She is a happy and curious girl. She grew up The Tribe“, is read in the initial lines of the publication.

In the first photograph, Evaluna and Camilo showed the little feet of their first-born, while in the following two images they showed a little of what was experienced during the birth that they decided to go home sheltered by a select group of professionals and of course their loved ones darlings.

Evaluna is the strongest, virtuous, and bravest woman who has walked this planet.. All my respect, my service and my dedication to the queen of this house!“, adds the Colombian singer.

Finally, Camilo showed the touching moment in which he sings the song that they composed especially for her and that they perform as a duet for their baby.

The publication that is about to accumulate 4 million reactions in the form of a heart was also used to thank his fans for all the signs of affection that they sent after the birth of Indigo.

“Thank you for all your messages, your prayers and the gush of love and light that they have sent here!!”, they add.

Finally, Camilo stressed that he had not had time for his social networks, so after sharing these images he was preparing to resume his activities as a father.

“Putting down the phone again to take another nap the 3 of us,” she wrote.

Among the more than 47 thousand messages of love sent by followers, celebrities and family members, a comment from the happy grandfather also appeared, Ricardo Montanerwho highlighted how happy he is with the new member of his family.

God has been good. Loving my Indigo“.

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