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  • With the decision of the TAS, Cruz Azul was eliminated and Pumas' chances of qualifying grew.


Puebla defeated the Mexican Football Federation, via someone more powerful, and probably more fair: the TAS. The “prize” of the three points won at the table, before losing them on the court, was due to an “improper alignment” of someone who could not even play: Luis Noriega, technical assistant of La Franja. Molelandia arrived in Switzerland and in Lausanne, headquarters of the Court of Arbitration for Sports, they analyzed and considered that the error had been arbitral. Puebla had won the match three goals to zero, Xolos protested, the FMF agreed and took the points from the locals, a piece of cake in a league with streaks of corruption, but impossible to sustain before the highest world refereeing body.

With the TAS decision, Cruz Azul was also eliminated and Pumas' chances of qualifying grew. Last Friday, before playing his last card against Pachuca, Xolos already knew the determination of the TAS, he had to win by force to continue having any remote possibility of Play in. They lost three to two, and were eliminated. It was turn The lice at the press conference: “I don't know whether to speak or not to speak, because when you give your opinion, they fine you, I no longer know whether to come here and speak, honestly.

“Maybe I have to ask for a script (script), send me the script of the federation.”

They do not have to send you any script to Miguel, he knows exactly what to say about the Federation and, better yet, he knows when to say it and when not to say it. Directing the Mexican National Team he surely wouldn't say anything; training Xolos… yes; his “click” supports it. Herrera would have to see other aspects, his 32 percent effectiveness at this stage with Xolos, his 17 games lost out of 30 played. But we must go further, this is not a matter of Miguel Herreratoday I use it because it very clearly exemplifies a current, national and widespread situation: blaming someone else for what we cannot do, pointing the finger at the person next to us, evading.


What if everyone did their own thing? What if everyone treated their employees well? What if he didn't blame himself for no reason? What if employers were fair remunerators? And if Miguel Learn to control yourself? What if we didn't ask the government to do everything? What if we didn't blame the government for everything? What if we were trained? What if we weren't so corrupt?


And if..., and if..., and if.

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