Europa League: Real Betis, with Andrés Guardado, enters La Loba cave | Matches

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RealBetis, with the mexican Andrew Saved, faces his most complicated commitment in the UEFA Europa League visiting this Thursday the Olympic Stadium in Romewhere he will try to defend his leadership in the Group C fagainst the team led by Jose Mourinho.

The pupils of Manuel Pellegrini they find themselves before what, a priori, is their toughest game of the group stage, the away game against the Rome. Right now, Real Betis is the only team in the group with full points after beating the HJK Helsinki and Ludogorets from Bulgaria.

precisely against Ludogorets, The Betis suffered more than expected to close a game in which they were ahead on the scoreboard at all times. Now, visit Rome that only has three points after losing against the Bulgarians, and will play their second consecutive home game after winning 3-0 at HJK.

The Betis lose to Juanmi due to injury, but they recover Nabil Fekir, who is expected to be the owner. Besides, it will be a special party for the central Luis Felipe, who arrived in Seville this summer from the Latium, where he played five seasons.

It will be a great opportunity for Real Betis show that defeat to Celtic of Vigo in Balaídos this weekend (1-0) was just an accident and for put classification on track, which would be very favorable with nine points. In front, Rome, comes after getting one of his most important triumphs of the course last weekend, when he beat 1-2 the Inter at the Giuseppe Meazza.

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