Europa League: Ángel Di María teaches Nantes | Video

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With a master class from the Argentine angel di mariaauthor of a 'hat-trick', Juventus beat Nantes 3-0 as a visitorreturn match held this Thursday at the Beaujoire Stadium and ranked Europa League Round of 16 with a global of 4-1.

If there was any doubt, Di María made it clear that he is the conductor of the 'Juve'. And it is that the 'Noodle', since he returned from the World Cup, it seems that he plays against youth. He feels so superior to the rest of the classmates, and for the moment all his rivals, who is unstoppable.

Allegri has given him freedom and the Argentine has taken it to the letter. He appears close to the band, falls to receive as a second striker, goes down to get the ball as a third center-back and charges the area to finish off the predictable Juventino side center of kostic. But against Nantes it was a separate exhibition.

Until now he had made life easier for his teammates, but this Thursday, in the absence of Vlahovic, a substitute, he scored the goal. The first was uA visual treat for viewers. A hit with the magic wand that he carries as a left foot, with a perfect effect that was poisoned from the left corner of the area to end up, five minutes into the game, in the right corner. Of first. One of the goals of the season.

He smiled in celebration, but he wasn't surprised. He had no reason. He found exactly what he went looking for. But he was not enough of such a left-handed blow. He was left with more desire and initialed, in a register totally different from the first, but which he dominates in the same way, a played on a tile on which he sat Pallois and, high-heeled, with a privileged resource, defined the goalalthough he ran into the arm of a Pallois who saw the direct red by avoiding the second wonder of the afternoon.

A Di María did not fail from eleven meters that, in 20 minutes, had sentenced the tie. With one more player, 'Juve' easily dominated a Nantes against the ropes that could do little. kostic he was able to score the third, but ran into the post just before the break.

The 'Vecchia Signora' maintained dominance in the second half, although with one gear less than in the first act, released from all pressure and aware that they had the classification in their hands. Vlahovic and Cuadrado, who entered with half an hour to go, tried to increase the advantage without success, leaving all the prominence for 'Fideo' who, with suspense, completed the third treble of his career, the first in European competitions, your perfect night, with a header that the smart watch of the Spanish referee approved.

Nantes, condemned after the expulsion, he could only replicate Juventino's monologue in the last bars, in which he couldn't get past Szczesny.

The Di Maria effect, the one that he literally exemplified in the first goal, once again gave results to a 'Juve' that relies on its new stick, on its new leader, to give it the return to the painful sanction received in Serie A and the failure to fall in the group stage of Champions League. The Turin team is already in the round of 16 thanks to a Di María who works as a remedy for all the problems of his team.

Sevilla advances, despite losing to PSV

Seville got the pass to Round of 16 despite losing 2-0 to PSV Eindhoven in it Phillips Stadiumafter making good the result obtained in the first leg of this 'Playoff', where they beat the team led by Ruud van Nistelrooy.

The Dutch team, with the Mexican Eric Gutierrez as a starter, he prevailed with goals from Luuk de Jong at minute 77 and Fabio Silva at 90+5′, shortly after he suffered the expulsion of Mauro Júnior at 90+7′.

Seville, six times champion of the tournament, he endured the final attacks of a rival who came to scare in the last moments, but he failed to come back.

(With information from EFE)

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