Euro Germany 2024: CR7 extends its legacy; Haaland is insatiable | Results

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With a double in four minutes that sentenced the first triumph of Norway in the qualifying phase, Erling Haaland expanded his records at a devilish pace comparable to that imposed by legends such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, which this Tuesday marked another milestone by reaching the 200 international matches with Portugal.

The Portuguese star celebrated his unmatched record with a goal and a victory. In added time, at 38 years oldappeared for give victory to his team in Iceland (0-1). The full of victories in Reykjavik extended the set of Roberto Martinez (0-0), which did not have joao felix and that he played the final stretch, the last ten minutes, with one more man due to the expulsion of Willum Thor Willumson.

Appeared Cristiano Ronaldo when the tie loomed in the duel for dar the triumph to the Portuguese teamthat, with four in as many games, is approaching the European final phase.

Portugal surpasses Slovakia by two pointswhich won in Vaduz to Liechtenstein (0-1) with a bit of Denis Vavro.

Luxembourgfor his part, extended his improvement in this qualifying phase. In Zenica he beat Bosina and sealed his second win in a row (0-2) thanks to Yvandro Borges and Daniel Sinani. The Balkan team took a step back. He missed a penalty that could have equalized, after 56 minutes executed by Amir Hadziahmetovic.

Haaland insatiable, revives Norway

hand in hand Erling Haaland, Norway beat Cyprus (3-1) and was resurrected in the qualifying phase. He achieved his first victory the team of Staale Solbakken You don't have time to waste. After two defeats and a draw, they beat Cyprus in Oslo (3-1) with two goals and an assist to Wave Solbakken from Erling Haaland.

Grigoris Kastanos He made the only visitor's goal in added time.

Haaland raised to 56 the goals signed in the season between club and selection. he surpassed Kylian Mbappé, who finished the course with 54. Forty totaled English Harry Kane and 38 the Argentine Lionel Messi between Paris Saint Germain and Argentina.

Haaland, Manchester City Forward, He already has 24 goals in 25 games with Norway, at 22 years old. He's nine away from being the one All-time top scorer for your teamwhich is already third in the Group A table behind only Georgia, second, and Scotland, first.

Poland crashes in Moldova

Poland was the big disappointment of the session. He had a 0-2 lead in chisinau with goals from Arkadiusz Milik and Robert Lewandowski in half an hour, but moldova He turned the situation around and took the win (3-2).

In the second half, the two goals from Ion Nicolaescu and Vladyslav Baboglo they provided the first match win to the Moldovan team and frustrated Fernando Santos, whoIt already has two defeats in three Group E games.

To the classification it is applied Albaniansecond only surpassed by the Czech Republic.

The Albanian team did not fail in Torshavn against Faroe Islands (1-3), thanks to the success of Nedim Bajrami, Kristijan Asllani, and Ernest Muci.

In Group F, Austria, with David Alaba, keep the good line. After drawing with Belgium in the past datebeat Sweden in Vienna (2-0) with a double of Christoph Baumgartner.

Three points behind but with one game less is Belgium, that did not fail in Estonia (0-3). Without thibaout courtoisback to Madrid with controversy, pulled the success of Romelu Lukaku to seal the target. The Inter attacker scored a double and in added time Johan Bakayoko rounded off the score.

In Group G, Serbia avoided defeat in added time. He drew in Razgrad against Bulgaria (1-1), who took advantage by Kiril Despodov. But in minute 97 equalized Darko Kazovich and the Balkan team commands the quintet equaled on points with Hungary, who beat Lithuania (2-0) with so many of Attila Szalai and Roland Sallai.

(With information from EFE)

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