Euro 2024: Three Lions devour La Nazionale at Wembley and qualify | Results

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England came from behind to beat 3-1 Italy, meeting corresponding to the Date 8 from the eliminatory to the Euro Cup Germany 2024a result with which the Group C with 16 points and mathematically qualifies the continental competition.

In Wembley Stadiumthe transalpinos opened the scoring quarter of an hour, thanks to a nice collective play. After touching more than half the team, including the goalkeeper, the ball crossed in attack from the left wing to the right; there he controlled Domenico Berardi, who leaked a pass to Giovanni Di Lorenzo to the bottom line.

Di Lorenzo focused from below looking for the shot Davide Frattesibut he failed and his back appeared Gianluca Scamacca to score at point blank range. But after half an hour, he himself Di Lorenzo committed a penalty in an entry about Jude Bellingham instance that took advantage Harry Kane to establish the 1-1 tie at 32 '.

In the 57th minute, following a counterattack, the Madrid midfielder assisted Marcus Rashford so that he scored 2-1 with a strong, low right hand; and in 77', Kane closed his double in another against that he himself completed. That 3-1 served England to secure the leadership of the third sector with 16 points and complicate life Italythird with 10 units.

The Nazionale was harmed by the victory (1-3) of Ukraine on its visit to Malta, with comeback included. Now the Ukrainians accumulate 13 pointsbut they have already disputed seven of the eight total games, while the Italian squad has two pending duels.

Magyars achieve creditable draw in Kaunas

On the other hand, a goal Dominik Szoboszlai and another of Barnabas Varga they signed the equalizer of Hungary on its visit to Kaunaswhere the Lithuanian team had gone 2-0 before the break with goals from Fedor Cernych and Pijus Sirvys.

The leadership of Group G he's still hungarian, with 14 points and surpassing by one only Serbia; in that fight, The Serbs won the regional derby against Montenegro 3-1.

Finally, in the Group H, Slovenia maintained its first position (19) thanks to its 0-1 victory over North Ireland; Adam Gnezda Cerin He scored the only goal, after five minutes. Second in the wake of the Slovenians Denmark (19), who won 1-3 against San Marinoand the selection of Kazakhstanwhich went back to Finland with doublet of Bakhtiyor Zaynutdinov to win 1-2.

(With information from Europa Press)

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