Eugenio Derbez reveals new details about his state of health

Eugenio Derbez reveals new details about his state of health: “I was not going to be able to raise my arm”

After staying out of the spotlight due to the accident he suffered last August Eugenio Derbez reappeared during a live broadcast with his Instagram followers, with whom he shared some details about his state of health, ensuring that the doctors informed him that he will not be able to lift the arm that was fractured “never again”but is willing to defy the odds.

The talk took place on the morning of this Sunday, November 20, on the occasion of the start of the World Cup Qatar 2022where the Mexican goalkeeper also participated Guillermo Ochoa with whom he has been friends for several years. But during the broadcast they did not only refer to issues related to soccer, since the actor took the opportunity to talk about his recovery after suffering an accident in which he fractured his right shoulder.

In addition to expressing how excited he was because he had not appeared before his followers for a long time, the comedian explained that he has been “a little bit disconnected” since his accident happened and due to recovery, but he is doing very well.

For all the people who ask him how he is doing since some think he is still in bed, he shared that it is not like that, but it has not all been good news, since his doctors informed him that he will not be able to raise his arm normally.

“I’m doing very well, better than I expected to have had 17 fractures in this area (of the shoulder). The doctors told me that I would not be able to raise my arm above the shoulder, they told me never again, and my idea is to challenge the doctors and achieve it.Derbez said.

He immediately showed that his hand is still immobilized, although he assured that the sling was finally removed.

“I’m doing well, I still can’t raise my arm, I don’t have much strength in my hand, but I move it a lot, look. I will show you some progress that I have had, ”he added.

He also revealed that he is very excited to be “returning to work”, although not one hundred, but he continues to progress little by little.

During the meeting with the goalkeeper Francisco Guillermo Ochoa they also remembered when he participated in a chapter of the ‘P. Luche Family’ more than 10 years ago prior to the World Cup in South Africa giving life to his daughter’s boyfriend “Vivi”, with which they joked.

You’re still the same, with a half shoulder“said the goalkeeper, to which Derbez replied that he gives half-hugs, but he is doing very well.

But after the accident he suffered, he also concluded that surely his “career as a goalkeeper ended there.”

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