EU Justice withdraws immunity from Puigdemont; and more | World front pages 07/06/2023

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This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Thursday, July 6, 2023:

misinformation vs. Freedom of Expression: A New Frontier

The United States appeals ruling that restricts its contact with the platforms.

Palestinians stand defiant among the rubble

Residents are equally critical of Israel and West Bank leaders; Israel on Wednesday ended a two-day operation in the Jenin refugee camp that killed 12 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier.

The justice of the EU (European Union) withdraws the immunity to Puigdemont

The ruling returns to the Supreme Court the initiative against the MEP who fled in Belgium since the 'procés' of October 2017.

The Guardian / UK

Lung cancer diagnoses in women will surpass those of men for the first time

The number of women diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK is expected to exceed the number of men this year for the first time, according to forecasts, which call for the same vigilance over the disease as in the case of breast cancer. .

With reserves in red, the Government postpones two payments to the Monetary Fund

This month Argentina would have to cancel two maturities for US $2.6 billion. As the agreement is still stuck, Economy once again suspended the trip of two negotiators to Washington.

President Boric admits that the Executive knew about the 'Agreements' case before the controversy broke out

The president affirms that he learned of a letter from Deputy Ahumada (who provided information from Democracia Viva) "around the date" on which the news was revealed.

Communes of Lima owe Sunat 549 million Soles for withheld taxes

Of the 42 municipalities of Metropolitan Lima, 36 register debt in coercive collection before the entity. These amounts accumulate from the 90s. 98% of this money corresponds to taxes and contributions that communes deducted from workers for fifth category retention, and by ONP (Provisional Normalization Office) and Essalud.

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