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The Continental Articulation of Social and Popular Movements towards ALBA (ALBA Movimientos), rejected this Monday the holding of a Forum convened by the European Union on Latin America and the Caribbean without the participation of key organizations and articulations for the region.


Cuba denounces the opacity of the EU in preparation for the summit with Celac

"From the Articulation of Social and Popular Movements towards ALBA, we denounce the holding of this Forum convened by the EU in a unilateral and non-transparent manner, directly inviting organizations and representatives of civil society from Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean whose criteria of selection are unknown, and of course they were defined without taking Celac into account”, highlighted ALBA Movimientos.

In this sense, the platform noted that "the effort that today from civil society is organized as Celac Social around the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States" was not taken into account either.

Insisting that the names of those sectors invited to participate in the Forum are unknown, ALBA Movimiento said that the call tries to "present, without any legitimacy and representativeness, the integrationist spirit of civil society of the CELAC countries."

Meanwhile, the movement reaffirmed that the Forum excludes fundamental issues to be addressed regarding the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, where it highlights the context of "deep economic, political, ethical, energy and environmental crisis, and the urgent need to reform the financial structure and the international economic order”.

The platform, which brings together more than 400 organizations from 25 countries for the construction of an emancipatory political project for and from the peoples, also mentioned that the CELAC-European Union Summit will take place in Brussels on July 17 and 18, and as usual since 2004, the organization holds the People's Summit.

In this sense, "from the social movements and representatives of different expressions of civil society in our region and in Europe, we have been promoting the development of the People's Summit" and we reject the Forum "to be held on behalf of the 'voices of civil society', which we do not underestimate is also a theater set up to give voice to counterrevolutionary positions financed by NGOs and right-wing think tanks on our continent and in Europe”.

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