Esipenko, leader; Niemann 1-0 to Rapport 2023/10/29

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Andrey Esipenko, a talented 21-year-old Russian chess player, yesterday defeated the under-20 world champion, the Frenchman Mar'andria Maurizzi, thereby becoming the sole leader, with 3 ½ real points, in the attractive FIDE Grand Prix that is being held. in Douglas, Isle of Man, with the presence of 114 top-level chess players. In another game of great interest, the Romanian Richard Rapport ate a poisoned pawn and the American Hans Moke Niemann, 20, overwhelmed him with a devastating victorious offensive that places him in fifth place in a group of 17 sub-leaders, with 3 points. . Today Niemann will lead the black pieces against the Frenchman Alireza Firouzja while Esipenko, with a brilliant track record, with the black pieces will face the favorite Fabiano Caruana.

Esipenko's triumph, with black, occurred on move 28 of a Ruy López Anti-Marshall in a game in which Marc'andria's pieces lost strength when they were placed without the harmonious connection of their forces. Esipenko earned his third win in four games. He was a child prodigy: U12 world champion in 2017, second in the Tata Steel Challenger in 2019; In January 2020 he won the Gibraltar Master in real points: In 2021 he was invited to the Tata Steel first force and defeated Magnus Carlsen in a classic game. use the Keres Attack on a Sicilian. Esipenko finished in third place overall.

R4 results: Board 1) Caruana ½ Sindarov; 2) Predke ½ Erigaisi; 3) Sevian ½ L´Ami; 4) Marc'andria Maurizzi 0-1 Esipenko; 5) Sarna ½ Zhalmakharov 6) Tabatabaei 0-1 Nakamura; 7) Abasov 0-1 Firouzja (Abásov is already qualified for the Toronto Candidates Tournament; 8) Wojtaszek 1/ Anish Giri; 9) Niemann 1-0 Richard Rapport; 10) Bacrot ½ Doubt.

Standings after the fourth round: 1) Andrey Esipenko, Russia, 3 ½. 17 sub-leaders follow with 3 real points: 2) Erewin L´Ami, Netherlands; 3). Ramazan Zhalmakhanov, Kazakhstan; 4) Alexandr Predke, Serbia; 5) Hans Moke Niemann, United States; 6) Evgeny Nájer, Russia; 7) Javokhir Sindarov, Uzbekistan; 8) Rinat Khumabayev, Kazakhstan; 9) Arjun Erigaisi, India; 10) Fabiano Caruana, USA; 11) Hikaru Nakamura, USA; 12) Yu, Yangyi, China; 13) Alireza Firouzja, France; 14) Vincent Keymer, Germany; 15) Santosh Vidit, India; 16) Samuel Sevián, USA;c 17 Vladislav Artemiev, Russia; 18) Alexey Sarana, Serbia.

Others: 28) Anish Giri 2 ½; 30 Nodirbek Abdusattorov 2 ½ ; 38. Sarin 2 ½; 38) Nihal Sarin, India 2; 55) Sandro Mareco, Argentina, 2; 57) Richard Rapport 2; 64) Dommaraju Gukesh 2; 100 Cristóbal Henríquez Villagra, Chile 1; 101) Alejandro Fier, Brazil, 1; 105) Axel Bachmann, Paraguay, 1.

R-5 Pairing: 1) Esipenko vs Caruana! 2) Nakamura vs Sarana; 3) Firouzja vs Niemann; 4) Sindarov vs. Yu, Yangyi; 5) Keymear vs. Predke; 6) Nájer vs. Santosh Vidit; 7) Erigaisi vs. Khumabayev; 8) Zhalmakhanov vs. Sevian; 9) L'Ami vs. Artemiev; 10) Anish Giri vs. Anton Korobov.

White: Marc'andria Maurizzi, France, 2,555. Black: Andrey Esipenko, Russia, 2,683. Ruy López, Anti-Marshall, C88.

R-4, Grand Swiss FIDE, Douglas, Isle of Man, 08-28-2023.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0–0 Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 0–0 8.a4 Rb8 9.axb5 axb5 10.h3 d6 11.c3 b4 12.d3 h6 13.Nbd2 Re8 14.c4 Bd7 15.Ba4 Bf8 16.Nb3 Ne7 17.d4 Bxa4 18.Rxa4 exd4 19.Nbxd4 c5 20.Nb5 Ng6 21.Qd3 Qb6 22.b3 There is no harmonious connection in the white pieces. Better: [22.Ta7 Te6 23.b3 Dc6 24.Tc7 De8 25.Td1³] 22...Qc6 23.Nd2 d5 24.Na7 Qb7 25.cxd5 serious mistake. 25...Nxd5! 26.Bb2 Ndf4 27.Qf1 Rbd8 28.Nf3 Rxe4 whites abandon. 0–1.

White: Hans Moke Niemann, 2,667, USA.

Black: Richard Rapport, Romania, 2,752.

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 Bf5 5.Nc3 e6 6.Nh4 Bg6 7.Qb3 Qc7 8.Bd2 Ne4 9.Nxe4 Bxe4 10.cxd5 Bxd5 11.Bc4 Be7 12.Nf3 Nd7 13. Qc2 Nf6 14.Bd3 Bxf3 15.gxf3= Nd5 16.a3 0–0–0 17.0–0–0 g5 18.Kb1 Kb8= 19.Rc1 h6 20.Qb3 Ra8 21.Bc4 Qd7 22.Ba5 Rc8 23.Rhd1 Bd8 24.Be1 Bc7 25.h3 Rhd8 26.a4 Bb8 27.Ba5 Bc7 28.Bd2 Bb8 29.Ra1 Qe7³ 30.Ba5 Bc7 31.Bd2 Bb8 32.Rc2 Bd6 33.Ba5 Re8 34.e4 Nf4 35.Bf1 Bc7 36. Bb4 Qd7 37.a5 a6= 38.Bc5 Rcd8 39.Rdc1 Bxa5? 40.Qa4 Qc7 [40...b6? 41.Axa6 Dc7 42.Aa3 b5 43.Db3 Mejor que (43.Axb5 cxb5 44.Dxb5 Da7 45.Tc6 Tb8 46.Dc4=) 43...Da7 44.Txc6 Ce2 45.Axb5 Cxc1 46.Txc1+-] 41.b4 Bb6 42.Bxa6 Kb8 43.Ra2 Rxd4 44.Bb5 Kc8 45.Bxb6 Qxb6 46.Bxc6 Nd3 47.Qa8+ Kc7 48.Bxe8+ Nxc1 49.Rc2+ Rd6 50.Qb8+ Ke7 51.Rc7+ Yield: 51...Qxc7 52.Qxc7+ Kxe8 53.Qc8+ Ke7 54.Qxc1+- 1–0.

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