Ernestina snaps her fingers 2023/11/01

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One week before the local Congress decides whether Ernestina Godoy Whether or not she is ratified as prosecutor of Mexico City for four more years, neither the government nor the majority of Morena have the necessary votes to approve her.

Until yesterday, the ruling party deputies had 39 of the 44 votes required to ratify it, but the internal confrontation over the Morenoist candidacy between Clara Marina Brugada and Omar Hamid García Harfuch could widen the gap.

Last Friday, Ernestina He called the faction of his party to a meal to ask for discipline, but the tension was so great before the announcement of who would represent them in the 2024 elections, which forced it to be suspended.

It was rescheduled for yesterday at 4:30 p.m., so Morena broke the quorum in Donceles to go, although only half came and the rest went with Omar Hamid to another meeting; Godoy he snaps his fingers.

Due to this, the government has intensified pressure against opposition deputies, and it is ensured that the five missing votes will come from the factions of the PRI, MC and perhaps one more from the PRD.

In Donceles the version spreads like wildfire that some deputies are being showered with 20 million cannon shots in exchange for their vote, in order to support ratification.

The big drawback is that they would have to agree to be filmed during the delivery to guarantee their support, which no one has wanted to accept. Although it is true that it is a good wool, his political career would be buried and the sword would always be over their heads.

There are more and more people who confirm this version, and the majority in Donceles accept it as good. But, even if it were not true, it will mark the opposition deputies who vote in favor of the ruling, since there will be the damn doubt of whether they sold out.

Not to mention that their political career would be truncated, since the parties that make up the opposition alliance have already warned that they will not give them any candidacy, and in Morena no one could guarantee them either, since the rebutting is at its peak.

Those who thought that the way to betray to the opposition would be easy, they will have to rethink how they are going to act, because they will not be able to get sick, go to the bathroom or claim that their grandmother died again.

If they are absent they will be marked; If they vote in favor of ratification, at least they will have had the courage to face their arrangements. But in one of those, perhaps the missing votes will be given within Morena, where not everyone is convinced that Godoy follow.

Let's see if these days the offer of money does not change, for another that the deputies "cannot reject." Something like: silver or lead.


What brilliant mind from Morena in Donceles would think of denying the license to Lia Lemon to separate for 30 days from her position as mayor of Álvaro Obregón? Lia He asked for 30 days to seek the opposition's candidacy for CDMX, as several mayors have done, including the same Claudia Sheinbaum, no one had already denied him. The Morenistas only make the mayor a victim - as in Palacio they did with Xochitl Galvez—, and they contradicted the discourse that it is time for women, which the 4T boasts. The worst thing for pejistas is that now Lemon All you have to do is send a letter to notify that you are leaving for 15 days and then another one, without waiting for anyone's authorization. Oh, and while they give her the opportunity to start promoting herself, she will dedicate herself to talking about the issue from now on: Morena told her about her campaign.

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