Erik Hayser stars in 'Asesino del Olvido', a series that came into his life between great changes

Erik Hayser He is one of the most versatile actors in the world of acting, performing different characters that challenge him as an actor. In his most recent project entitled “Asesino del Olvido”, Hayser plays Francisco Pira, a television personality who is responsible for covering the cruelest murders that occur in the country.

For the actor, playing this character in the Paramount+ series represents a new challenge and in an interview he told us how this opportunity came into his life.

“'Asesino del Olvido' comes into my life at a very particular moment. It arrives just before the world changed completely. I received the invitation to do a call back with Paulina Gaitán, a few weeks before the pandemic began,” the actor told us. “'Asesino del Olvido' arrives at a complex time and at a time when we had to show that we could move forward responsibly. We needed to find new ways to be safe and to be able to move on with our lives in order to bring this project to the public despite the circumstances.”

Hayser further says that during this time he learned that his wife Fernando Castillo I was pregnant.

“[La serie] It came at a time of many changes, of many new things, living in a complex world and a complex reality for me that ultimately taught me that you could move forward personally, "he added.

For the actor, playing a journalist was something he had wanted to do for a long time. When they told him about the character he plays in 'Asesino del Olvido', he did not hesitate to agree to be in the production.

“I want to play that character, I want to play that voice that continues to underline and put in focus that it is important to tell the truth and that it is painful that they continue to murder journalists in Mexico, in Latin America and in the world,” explained Hayser. “Despite this, they are not going to get us to keep silent, that we will continue fighting to tell the truth. For me it was essential to be able to tell that story and hug a character like this who had that flag, who could echo all the journalists who, for telling the truth, are no longer in this world.“.

“Asesino del Olvido” is now available in the United States on the Paramount+ streaming platform.

Watch the interview here!

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