Environmental education is key against the current crisis: Green Party

Environmental education is key against the current crisis: Green Party
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He Green Environmental Party of Mexico assured that the implementation of the Environmental education in schools and educational centers throughout the country is of utmost relevance to generate a change in awareness and attitude against pollution and, in general, against the current environmental crisis.

Through a statement, Karen Castrejon Trujillonational leader of the Green Ecologist, highlighted that, for several years and according to studies and research, the lack of environmental education is closely related to problems such as air pollution, which is why he pointed out, this is key to awakening awareness. awareness and social sensitivity in order to form societies better able to formulate actions and solve problems in the face of environmental challenges.

Many countries in the world have adopted this discipline as a fundamental pillar that, in addition to the generation and transmission of knowledge, gives way to changes in attitude and behavior that contribute to the effectiveness of actions against the climate crisis. The United States is one of them, since within its governing bodies it even has an Office of Environmental Education. Chile is another country that has applied environmental education strategies to optimize the results of its plans against air pollution,” reported Karen Castrejón.

Likewise, he pointed out that in Mexico efforts have also been channeled through the incorporation of environmental-themed enrollment in some study centers; However, they are still limited: “it is not enough for the term to be present in Article 3 of our Constitution. In Mexico, a public policy must be promoted that incorporates environmental education as a mandatory subject at different educational levels, in public and private schools, throughout the country.

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Within the framework of the International Day of Clean Air, the Ecologist leader regretted that, according to data from the United Nations (UN), nine million premature deaths occur each year due to diseases and other issues related to pollution and of which, at least seven million are caused by air pollution, this being one of the main causes of death worldwide.

Finally, Castrejón Trujillo stated that the Green Party once managed to have the aforementioned discipline considered within the old Educational Reform, so their party will continue working to make its delivery a reality throughout the country.


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