Enrique Guzmán apologizes after statements of abuse of a girl

Enrique Guzmán apologizes after statements of abuse of a girl
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After the controversy involving the singer Enrique Guzman at a press conference, where he declared jokingly regarding a reporter's questions about a video in which he allegedly abused a minor. Finally, the rocker apologized through their social networks for this reason.

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On Instagram, Enrique Guzman shared a video for apologize for the statements what did he do about it video of alleged abuse of a girl. In this material, the singer stressed that I would read the statement to avoid making mistakes and not being misunderstood. This is what she said.

Enrique Guzmán denies having abused a minor

The interpreter of 'Your head on my shoulder' and 'Jailhouse rock', Enrique Guzmán denied having abused any minor, in all his life. Therefore, he assured that the supposed video which has caused controversy in recent days it's false.

“I have been attacked for a long time, in some way, by false accusations, I have never touched a minor in my life. It hasn't even crossed my mind. I would never do it,” she declared.

The rock singer of the sixties, Enrique Guzmanpointed out that these accusations of abuse of a girl with the dissemination of the news of an alleged video that would prove it is part of a plot organized by someone who has intentions of to damage his person and artistic career. He even pointed to the press as an accomplice of this situation.

“The constant harassment of the press on this issue is intolerable and makes me think that someone, with some intention that has nothing good, is doing it on purpose. I mean that all those accusations against me have no proof, there is no form, there is no video, there is no memory, there is no girl saying, 'she touched me.' That is, the terrible part in which I am accused of touching a minor that, no, is not possible,” he added.

Enrique Guzmán clarifies statements about abuse video

In addition to denying the accusations against him, Enrique Guzmán He chose to clarify the meaning of what he expressed at the press conference where he was questioned by the video of alleged abuse of a minorbecause at that moment he said that 'I would have liked to have had relations with that girl'.

“At the press conference [...] They asked me again about a video about the alleged abuse and I responded sarcastically, already upset and it was the last moment in which I left and a woman who was sitting there insisted that there was a video and I would like to see it and I would like them to see it you [...] Somehow, he pulled the plug on me and made me take my feet off the ground and then (made me) say things that I shouldn't say or shouldn't say at that moment or in that way," he explained.

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In such a way, Enrique Guzmán apologized after the controversies statements what he did at the press conference at the National Auditorium, after the alleged video of abuse of a girl. In addition, he wanted to move his followers by saying that he was the same man they have known for years through television.

“There is no way anyone can prove with a video that I touched a minor.” [...] I have never touched a girl with dirty intentions and I apologize to everyone who was offended by that comment. I hope I haven't hurt anyone. I hope that if anyone ever thought so, that they come with the evidence in hand. Meanwhile, I tell you that I am still the same man that you knew, when I was 14 years old, when I started singing and I am also going to die being the same. Sorry everyone in case there is any offense [...] Thank you and I will not speak about this matter again,” Enrique Guzmán concluded.

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