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They give “long” to the ratification of the prosecutor… 2023/11/13
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Will anyone in the PRI really miss Murat(I quote)?

Warned in good time of the risk that after almost a month of the devastating passage of the hurricane Otis In Acapulco, the more than 22 thousand existing swimming pools in the port could become authentic “breeding sites” for mosquito larvae that transmit dengue, malaria, malaria or other diseases, giving way to a major health crisis. Everything seems to indicate that it does not exist. Even today there is no authority that, aware of the problem, is taking action on the matter...

After, in effect, private sector specialists tried to attract the attention of the federal, state or municipal government – ​​all emanating from the failed Q4, by the way – no one in any of them seems to have grasped the urgency of starting an aerial fumigation program and recurring land attacks throughout the paradisiacal tourist destination – “not only in the Miguel Alemán hotel and coastal area, but also in the port in general” – and massive distribution of repellents among children and the elderly, preferably, as well as the immediate start of a mass vaccination plan against diseases such as those mentioned.

Needless to say, in addition to the stagnant water and mud in thousands of hotel pools and private homes where the cleaning and debris removal program, due to lack of economic resources or operational capacity, has not yet reached, and even more so, in residential areas, where its owners have not even been able to access to verify the severity of the damage caused by the category 5 hurricane that hit in the early hours of October 25, the hundreds (thousands?) of tons of rotting, smelly garbage that remain in the streets of the poorest housing areas of the port and its surroundings – which continue to be the object of the “criminal” oblivion and indolence of the three levels of government – ​​contribute to increasing the risk of a health crisis whose consequences, on pain of appearing catastrophic, would be unpredictable. .

Pretending, as seems to be the government's intention, that this type of complex and high-cost cleaning actions be carried out by the population and not by the government seems, let us be clear, another example of the lack of concern that The health and life of thousands of Mexicans shows the failed government that even denied Acapulco the category of disaster zone...


* What an urgency to be noticed and look like your Tabasco guru! that of the unpresentable Samuel Garcia -he Orange Clown, as his countrymen refer to him – and his collaborators who, now, when he is preparing his temporary departure from the governorship, have already come out with the saying that “don't tell them that the law is the law” regarding the definition of his deputy refers. Phew…

* As was foreseen as soon as it became known that the questionable “command” of the opposition Frente Amplio –Marko Cortes, Jesus Zambrano and Alejandro Alito Moreno– chose to cancel the pre-candidate election process for the capital government and impose on the romerito Santiago Taboadathe unpresentable Adrian Rubalcava announced his resignation tricolorcalling himself betrayed...

Let's meet here tomorrow with another matter Political in nature.

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