Enrique Aranda- Does corruption make us equal?

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  • The President has insisted on making everyone believe that they are not equal.

To stop migration and local cartels, 13 billion dollars.

Although it is true that From saying to fact there is a long way… the truth is that the complaints about possible cases of alleged or real corruption and consequent impunity carried out by officials at the highest level of the 4T government, relatives of Andrés Manuel López Obrador Some of them not only do not contradict the popular advice, but also, as a contemporary classic assures, they fit “like a glove”….

And this, because although from the pulpit morning, the man from Tabasco has insisted on making everyone believe that "we are not equal", what is truly undeniable is that in the face of the incessant accumulation of complaints on the point, rather than convincing about it, he tends to impose the revealing phrase of "the "We are all corruption" in which, as soon as he began his administration at the head of the Executive, the national mischief translated the creative campaign slogan of his unmentionable predecessor Jose Lopez Portillo (1976-1982), successor in turn to the populist-socialist Luis Echeverría Álvarez.

Just last Thursday, in fact, in the middle of the confrontation between the coordinators Ignacio Mier Velazco of the lopezobradorism and Jorge Romero Herrerto (chief) of blue and whitethe issue became an open confrontation between the clapping seals of Morena and allies in San Lázaro, and legislators of the tripartisan opposition who, led by the Mexican PAN Ali Sayuri Núñez Meneseson this occasion, did not hesitate to accuse the President's family of corruption: just like his children Jose Ramon (“he got a woman to disguise benefits he obtains from Pemex suppliers”) and Andrew (“he places his buddies in key positions and makes million-dollar deals”), that his brothers cheep and Martinwhom he remembered collecting tens, hundreds of thousands of pesos in cash “in support of the movement” or a couple more of their cousins.

The above, coincidentally, at the same time that in the capital of Tamaulipas, Ciudad Victoria, the anti-corruption prosecutor Raúl Ramírez Castañeda he had to agree to temporarily leave his position to face an arrest warrant supposedly issued against him by “orders” of the unpresentable Americo Villarrealgovernor, for having dared to demand the removal of the deputy Ursula Patricia Salazar Mojicaniece of Lopez Obradorafter it was shown through a video broadcast via social networks, when he requested moches to suppliers. Anyway…

It would seem then that as the days and weeks go by, as the end of the current federal administration approaches, debates like the one we are dealing with now will multiply and will give way to specific accusations and formal judicial demands, even, as part of what that not a few identify as a necessary, unquestionable and urgent settlement of accounts with those who, with impunity and ignoring the law, in many cases, have devastated every official institution and autonomous bodies - the permanent and still unfinished attack against the Inai is a more than revealing case, or that of the Judiciary reluctant to accept the instructions of the Executive—have found in their path…

Let's meet here tomorrow with another matter Political in nature.

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