Enraged driver hits disabled man after fight in Oklahoma


The state wants to charge the suspect with first-degree murder.

Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The Tulsa Police Department was called to go outside a church, where a driver had intentionally run over several people, including one who was in a wheelchair and died from severe injuries.

The complaint report of the fatal accident occurred when two suspects, Steven Juárez and a woman, who was not identified, began a verbal argument with a group of homeless peoplewho were reportedly sleeping in an SUV outside Christview Christian Church.

The fight turned physical, when the woman got into Juarez’s car, a Ford Mustang to hit one of the people. After they left the place, for some reason unknown to the authorities, the couple of thugs returned to the place, now it was Steven Juarez who was driving.

People were gathered in a corner of the church and the detainee began to throw his vehicle at them, they all ran to save themselves from being run over, the only person who could not move was Orlando Laysbad, a disabled man in a wheelchair who was hit so hard he was pinned under the Mustang.

Laysbad’s friends beat up Steven Juárez and the woman to wait for the police to arrive and put them in jail, but the unknown woman managed to escape.

Steve Juarez was arrested and the state of tulsa is looking to charge him with murder in the first degree for the wanton death of a disabled man. At the moment he is in the city jail.

Likewise, the police launched a notice to request information related to the unknown woman, who is an accomplice to murder and attempted murder for wanting to hit the group of people, to find their whereabouts. Anyone with information about it can provide it to the Tulsa Bureau of Criminology anonymously.

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