"Enough of fighting among ourselves", 'Chicharito' attacks comparisons between Mexicans

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Javier "Chicharito" Hernandezstriker for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS, said Monday that he is tired of Mexico not recognizing the merit of its athletes and comparing them to each other.

Okay mother who is the most successful Mexican. Enough of fighting each other. I'm already tired of being turned against ourselves. The competition is not between Mexicans, but against the best in the world.

The former player of real Madrid and Seville Spaniards stressed that the competitive approach of his compatriots is misdirected.

It is not between Mexicans. We should work together to make Mexico outstanding. Criticism is welcome, but when there are already successful people in different fields, why do we put them in competition against each other?

He top scorer in the history of the Mexican team He gave as an example the debate that exists about who is the best athlete of GuadalajaraJalisco, place of origin of the pilot Sergio 'Checo' Perezthe boxer Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and he same.

“Who is the most successful from Guadalajara between 'Canelo', 'Checo' or 'Chicharito'; that's worth us. I talk to SaĂșl and he doesn't care, that's generated by the media. Why don't we think that in Formula One there could be three Mexicans fighting to be the best”, he added.

According to the former member of Manchester Utd of the Premier League, this situation is more acute in soccer.

'Chicharito' highlighted what was done by his compatriot Santiago Gimenez with the Feyenoord of the Eredivisiea team in which he has scored 22 goals, a figure that broke the record of 20 goals in his first season in Europe held by Javier Hernåndez and Luis García, a former Atlético de Madrid player.

I would love for Santiago to be compared with the scorers in that league, not with other Mexicans. He is not going against Luis GarcĂ­a or 'Chicharito', for me he scores 70 goals and goes very far.

HernĂĄndez also spoke of the growth that the League Cup that all the teams of the Major League Soccer and the MX League in July of this year.

“Instead of saying which is better this will help both leagues learn from each other. The Mexican League has been maintained for a long time, I do not see it in decline, but I do see it stagnant and this competition will help to improve”, he concluded.

(With information from EFE)

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