Ends the controversy; De la Huerta leaves the senate amidst applause

Ends the controversy; De la Huerta leaves the senate amidst
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FFinally, after Adolfo de la Huerta was accused of misusing public resources while he served as Secretary of the Treasury, the presidential candidate requested the right of reply to publicly justify his actions at the head of the Congress of the Union. of the tax entity.

De la Huerta found himself adhering to his cause. The delahuertista demonstrations took over the streets of the capital. For his part, Plutarco Elías Calles toured Puebla and the State of Mexico as part of his proselytizing tour.


Before a packed meeting room of the Senate of the Republic, among legislators, press and curious onlookers, the candidate for the Presidency, Adolfo de la Huerta, stood in front of the podium and spoke to defend himself against the accusations leveled against him. by the Secretary of the Treasury, Alberto J. Pani, and President Obregón.

The Secretary of the Interior, Enrique Colunga, had sent Congress days ago a vast file with information that reinforced what was established in Pani's report in relation to a series of unfulfilled agreements by De la Huerta with the International Committee of Bankers.

The galleries and boxes were full of attendees at the special session in which De la Huerta would come forward publicly for the first time since he was accused of misusing the national treasury.

His statements were supported by documents that the candidate himself read in front of the plenary session of the Senate. With this, he tried to explain the absence of resources originally directed to the payment of the external debt.

The then former Secretary of the Treasury took advantage of the occasion and attacked Pani and Obregón, who would have taken advantage of his resignation from the Obregonista cabinet to discredit his campaign towards the 1924 electoral process, using, according to him, false arguments against him.


On November 20, 1923, the cover of Excelsior He highlighted “Former Minister De la Huerta was sincere yesterday before the Senate.”

The Senate met; I introduced myself and made my statements refuting all those lies and I left amidst applause! Callistas, Obregonistas, Delahuertistas and independents, all burst into applause,” De la Huerta himself wrote in his memoirs.

A large crowd accompanied De la Huerta from the Senate to his home located at the height of Insurgentes and Reforma avenues. “One of the most numerous and spontaneous demonstrations,” he said.

For his detractors, De la Huerta's appearance in the upper house was an act of political propaganda; however, the Adolphists considered that the Sonoran politician had every right to defend himself before the nation.

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