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As September 26 marked nine years since the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa normal students, the president's government Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented a report in which, far from validating that it was a state crime and that the Mexican Army was directly responsible, it backed down and in the process accepted that drug trafficking was what kidnapped, murdered and disappeared the students.

This new version highlights the contradictions and errors committed by the Undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration and president of the Truth Commission, Alejandro Encinasfrom the former special prosecutor Omar Gómez Trejo and of others involved in the narratives.

Holm oaks and Gomez Trejo They always stated that it was a State crime and that the Army had direct interference, either by omission or complicity, which they were never able to demonstrate conclusively; However, two generals, an officer and 16 troops were prosecuted and imprisoned in Military Camp Number 1, although their lawyers seek to take advantage of all these contradictions to free them.

There is much evidence that Holm oaks made blunders. With the support of the Prosecutor's Office and under the design of an unusual strategy, they took advantage of the failures and inconsistencies of the then PGR of Murillo Karam to free dozens of confessed hitmen. The idea was to turn them into protected witnesses and, under that benefit, tell the truth about what happened on September 26, 2014, in Iguala, but the only thing they managed to do was release 80 people responsible for the crime, blow up the case and make investigations weaker.

What made the President change his version when he also shared the same thesis of Holm oaks? Perhaps it was the fact that the investigation no longer made head or tail and that time and patience had run out to unravel the case and deliver the truth that the victims' parents wanted. The same one that at the time and hastily offered them, and even promised to find them alive. Today, reality hits the parents and the President; the students were murdered by drug trafficking and Lopez Obrador is at risk of losing the continuity of its transformative project.

Five years after the events, the “alternate truth” is only “historical truth 2.0.” The irrefutable thing is that both the administration of Peña grandsonlike the Lopez Obrador they have failed. They constructed false narratives and contaminated investigations. Alexander Holm oaks He must resign because, along with other collaborators, he would be on the verge of a judicial process, precisely for those same accusations that were made against Murillo Karamfor which he is imprisoned.

* Violence in the Mexican southeast. Chiapas faces a situation of overwhelming violence. The dispute between the JNG and Sinaloa cartels is over the control of undocumented immigrants, the transfer of weapons, money, drugs and fuel, the collection of floor fees and extortion of businesses.

An analysis of the senator Ricardo Monreal warns that something else would be at stake in this dispute: territorial autonomy and the exploitation of natural resources, something similar to what the EZLN tried to do 30 years ago with the pluriethnic autonomous municipalities.

Quintana Roo has great natural wealth, the same as Chiapas; The Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca would allow the cartels to control the entry and exit, not only of drugs, but also of other products to and from China, the United States and Europe.

The problem is greater, the “romantic guerrilla” has been replaced by a “narco-guerrilla”, the wooden rifles are now assault rifles; The horses are Cheyenne trucks armed with guns and the hooded men are no longer indigenous, but hitmen. This is a serious national security issue.

* Are there no more massacres? In Zacatecas, six teenagers were executed and in Nuevo León 12 bodies were found.

The Mexican Army has multiplied on the northern and southern borders due to drug trafficking activity and the presence of US and Guatemalan armed forces.

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