Employers ask to exempt language teachers from work permits

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Madrid, Nov 20 (EFE).- The Spanish Federation of Language Teaching Centers (FECEI) has proposed exempting language teachers from the need to obtain work permits in Spain under the regulations for "positions that are difficult to fill." ".

According to the Federation, one of the difficulties faced by language centers in the country is the hiring of personnel who do not belong to the European Union, because the immigration regulations are not adapted to the needs of personnel with English as their mother tongue who users of the sector demand.

English accounts for more than 70% of foreign language learning in Spain, so the needs for English trainers with native-level competence are very high.

Furthermore, the complexity of hiring native teachers has increased as the United Kingdom joins the ranks of English-speaking countries that do not have authorization to work here, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the employers' association explains in a statement.

After Brexit, the only English-speaking country that belongs to the European Community and can therefore be hired by Spanish companies without needing a work permit is Ireland.

The current hiring capacity of an Irish citizen is "practically zero, since the country has a monthly per capita income of more than €8,000, which is practically triple that of Spain."

According to FECEI, “the Immigration Law prevents language academies from requesting an initial employed work permit, unless the offer exceeds 40,077 euros gross per year, a salary that the vast majority of language academies cannot afford.” .

To solve this problem, which already existed even before the worsening caused by Brexit, in the public education system the administrations have created the figure of the conversation assistant, which allows them to have the native staff they require without having to comply with the requirements of the Immigration Law, but private educational centers cannot benefit from this option.

As a possible alternative, FECEI proposes “exempting language teachers in legal centers from the need to obtain work permits, which would place them on an equal footing with those who practice on private and international platforms.”

According to its president, Scott Markham, “this is a very simple measure that can be applied with great ease without any regulatory change, under the protection of the already existing 'difficult to fill jobs' figure.” EFE


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