EMP was an elite body with a lot of power, that's why it was dissolved: López Obrador

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The missing Presidential General Staff (EMP) was an elite body with a lot of power that "had practically kidnapped the president"Therefore, it was ordered to dissolve it and send the 8 thousand elements that made it up to the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), stated the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The federal president pointed out that When he came to power in 2018 "there was a reality: the power of the presidential staff was great."

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There was a reality: the power of the presidential staff was great. They had practically kidnapped the president, the president was going somewhere and surrounded; "He spoke to a person and they were always there and they felt superior, they felt more than the elements of the Sedena because supposedly the chief of staff was closer to the president and had more influence," he described at the National Palace conference.

As supreme commander of the armed forces, López Obrador stressed that it did not cost him much to dissolve the elite bodywhich represents many expenses to the public budget due to its "fifi" style of conduct.

That is why the decision was also made to remove the presidential staff because it was like a parallel power, there was a duality of powers and I am going to say it, those of the staff were like the fifis within the defense: imported, special food, They earned much more, they were an elite and they felt above officers of the army and also the navy of Mexico and that is why the general staff was ended," denounced the man from Tabasco.

The president related the above after being asked if he perceived the division of the army and the presidential staff when he became supreme commander of the armed forces and what was his evaluation of the participation of said elite body in the student massacre of 1968.

On this last point, the president estimated that "There are elements to maintain that in the repression of October 2, 1968, those who participated directly were members of the presidential general staff."

In this regard, he recalled that years ago the engineer Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas confided to him that in 1969 when he went to visit his father, Lázaro Cárdenas saw General Marcelino García Barragán, then Secretary of National Defense, leaving the home.

When asking his father the reason for the visit of the then high military command, General Cárdenas told him that García Barragán - crying - assured him that in the massacre of October 2, 1968 "the presidential staff had participated" as well as in the alleged accident that claimed the life of Carlos A. Madrazo that occurred in June 1969 on a Mexicana de Aviación flight and in which 78 more people lost their lives, after exploding in the air before crashing on a hill on the outskirts from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

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