Elise Christie, the athlete and writer who uses Only Fans to be able to go to the Olympics

Elise Christie is a British speed skater three times world champion and 10 times in Europe. The athlete competed in the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics without obtaining favorable results. The above, added to a long recovery caused by an injury, led the Olympian to a severe depression and try to take her life.

At 31, Christie opened up during an interview with Guardian. The skater reported that none of his European prizes yielded money, so he had to work at Pizza Hut while pursuing his dream of competing in the Winter Olympics.

In 2021, Christie wrote a autobiography entitled “Resilience” in which recounts his experience dealing with mental illnessas well as the rape he suffered at the age of 19.

“It’s a very difficult thing to talk about, but hope it helps someone“, published the athlete in Twitter after the publication of his book.

the book was nominated for autobiography of the year for the Sports Book Awards 2022 (Sports Book Awards 2022)

As the name of her book suggests, Elise persevered and embarked on a long road of mental and physical healing. driven by her goal of winning an Olympic medal.

Now, after missing the 2022 Winter Olympics, the athlete seeks to finance her dream through the Only Fans platform.

“How many subscribers for a topless skating photo?” The British athlete posted on her OnlyFans account with which seeks to pay for its participation in the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.

But this is not the only way of financing that Elise sought.

In May of this year, she told the British media The Sun that he was working in his family’s pizzeria to pay his expenses and even sold his house. The athlete plans to move to another country to begin a preparation that culminates in his great return to the slopes.

(With information from Brandon Celaya)