Eleven years of well-being from the hand of Wellbeing 360

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Mexico.- Having the necessary tools to achieve a state of comprehensive well-being and using them in our daily lives will lead to personal and business success, are some of the conclusions of the first day of activities of the eleventh edition of Wellbeing 360, which is held at the Citibanamex Center in Mexico City with the topic Positive Organizations: Wellbeing as a competitive advantage, promoted by Tecmilenio.

"Since 2013, at Tecmilenio we have sought to create a space with a clear vision: to offer thousands of people, together with internationally renowned experts, the paths that lead towards a greater connection to one's own consciousness, how to live in fullness and well-being and the search of self-realization. Today we need to pause and give priority to the most important investment we have: our own well-being and that of those around us,” said Bruno Zepeda, rector of Tecmilenio, highlighting the benefits of the meeting, which has been a way of exploring consciousness. towards a life of plenitude.

For her part, Rosalinda Ballesteros, Director of the Institute of Integral Wellbeing Sciences, welcomed those present and commented that in these 11 years the community around the project has grown, with 37 thousand members and 13 thousand new registrations.

“We arrived at this format of in-person and remote event talking about positive organizations, aligned with messages of how well-being, as Aristotle said, that happiness is the virtue that is pursued for its own sake, is fundamental for our development and we must identify which "They are those elements, so that, by linking that reason for being to a work activity, we can have enormous satisfaction in life and be able to savor it day after day," he mentioned.


Vanessa King was the main guest on the first day of activities of the eleventh edition of the Wellbeing 360 meeting, with the conference Serious Business of Happiness at Work, in which she praised the work of Tecmilenio as a leader in the field of positive psychology and well-being, underlining the evident influence of his contributions in this area.

The psychology expert and author of various books such as 10 keys to living happily or 50 ways to feel happy, mentioned on the subject that there are various studies that maintain that people who are happy tend to take better care of their health, live longer and They record better work performance.

“Happiness is the key to sustainable performance of people and organizational leaders do not need much time to give a micro moment to share and generate well-being within it. The benefit is for the individual, for the colleague, for the organization, for everyone really and that is when we see the good in our day,” she indicated.

King recommended that those who lead organizations have a high impact on people's happiness in their work, in addition to providing them with training and constant support.

“We also have to measure how happy the team is and what is being done about it and we have to think about who is chosen as the leader is something fundamental,” he emphasized.

The eleventh edition of Wellbeing 360, Positive Organizations: Wellbeing as a competitive advantage, will continue tomorrow, October 27, with different activities and dynamics for attendees, with the participation of Tom Rath as main speaker.


About the Institute of Integral Wellbeing Sciences Tecmilenio created the Institute of Integral Wellbeing Sciences in 2013 with the objective of increasing well-being in our society through teaching, research and the implementation of practices based on scientific findings.

About Wellbeing 360 TV In 2022, the first Wellbeing 360 TV wellness platform was launched. To date, it has more than 41,000 records on the platform, with more than 60 videos from experts in the Science of Comprehensive Wellbeing that will help you increase your well-being and happiness in all areas of your life.To learn more About our educational project, visit https://www.wellbeing360.tv/

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