Elevators in poor condition, zero tolerance and low educational quality: students' complaints against the USMP

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Infobae Perú accessed one of the files where students from the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Tourism and Psychology of the USMP are shown raising their voices for tolerance 0| Infobae Peru

Zero tolerance, poor educational quality, poor state of infrastructure and among other restrictions: these are some of the complaints made by the students of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Tourism and Psychology of San Martin de Porres University (FCCTP USMP) alluding that their rights are not being respected.

Through a WhatsApp group, the students organized to sue their alma mater by sharing their concerns that they present daily at their school. The purpose of the sit-in is for the university center to improve the educational experience and foster a more participatory environment.

Through social networks (@tioconfeusmp) the announcement of the 'Sit-in at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the San Martín de Porres University that brought together the students on Friday September 15 at 12:00 pm to demand their rights in the face of constant intolerance from the university authorities.

Through social networks (@tioconfeusmp) the announcement was made of the 'Sit-in at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the San Martín de Porres University' that would bring together the students on Friday, September 15 at 12:00 pm
Through social networks (@tioconfeusmp) the announcement was made of the 'Sit-in at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the San Martín de Porres University' that would bring together the students on Friday, September 15 at 12:00 pm

One of the first complaints was zero tolerance, a measure that prevents students from entering their classes, despite arriving between one and three minutes late.

Some of the university students, who also work, added that, despite having a justification pass, The security personnel, in charge of entering the classrooms, often do not validate them, especially at the doors of the midterm exams.

The young people declared that they endorse the article 11 of the University Lawregulations found in the regulations that the USMP sent at the beginning of the cycle:

“Freely enter university facilities and scheduled academic and research activities.”

FCCTP students attach evidence where they are prevented from entering the classrooms despite 1 or 2 minutes having passed. Credits: Tiktok

Another complaint from students is that the facilities of the FCCTP They are not safe. On more than one occasion, the elevator has been damaged, putting students at risk.

“When the elevator broke down, I witnessed how the guards went up carrying a colleague in a wheelchair, risking her falling,” said a San Martin resident.

In addition, the outlets found in the hallways of the pavilion where they carry out their extracurricular activities have been restricted for student use; Some are even in deplorable condition.

A group of USMP students were trapped in the elevator due to a malfunction.

Many students also raised their voices poor quality that they receive since they entered the face-to-face modality.

“They don't take us to the laboratories, we haven't gone to schools or hospitals. We pay monthly fees for experiential classes and they do not give us quality of teaching,” commented a student from the USMP Faculty of Psychology.

They also reported that many of the teachers do not have a master's degree for academic teaching as such.

According to the University Law, all teachers must have the degree of teacher.

Infobae Perú accessed one of the files of the sit-in that occurred last Friday, September 15 at the USMP located in Surquillo. Parents attended, raising their voices so that the educational rights of their children are respected | Infobae Peru

Through a WhatsApp group created on September 7, 2023, the students sent evidence of the lack of tolerance on the part of the authorities. As a result of this constant problem, the 'Creation of the New Student Center'a group of university students from different faculties who took the initiative to speak out and demand an improvement in the educational experience, promoting a more inclusive and participatory environment.

This center will work closely with university authorities to address various concerns, including tolerance in admission, efficiency of student services, and promotion of enriching activities.

The new group of San Martinians will be made up of five representatives from each race. One of the requirements is that they must be studying between the VIII and X cycle. In addition, they will have a spokesperson for cycles I to VII of each race.

“Together we can make a difference and make our university an even better place to learn and grow. “We are excited about the great change we can achieve together and we hope to have your support,” mentioned one of the leaders of the USMP Student Center.

Parents also joined the sit-in held at the door of the Faculty of Communications, Tourism and Psychology, raising their voices so that the educational rights of their children are respected.

After having carried out the sit-in, directors of each school in the FCCTP (Communication Sciences, Tourism and Psychology) met with the student movement and agreed to have a meeting today, Saturday, September 16, to clarify their demands.

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