Electricity Reform will not achieve a qualified majority, declare PAN deputies

Deputies and deputies of the Parliamentary Group of the PAN affirmed that the electrical reform, which will be discussed in plenary this Sunday, will not be able to reach the legislative majority of two thirds to be approved; they also reiterated their vote against.

They also asked the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies to guarantee the access of the deputies in case of possible blockades by protesters in the surroundings of the Legislative Palace.

In statements to the press, deputy José Elías Lixa Abimerhi (PAN) assured that the vote on the constitutional reform is one of the “most important” and it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to safeguard the integrity of the legislators, as well as to allow admission tomorrow, which was when the session was called.

He said that President Sergio Gutiérrez Luna promised that the necessary guarantees exist to enter the Legislative Palace; for this reason, he hopes that tomorrow’s session will proceed with the normality in which a democracy should function.

He stressed that “it is the first time in history” that the groups that are interested in apparently prohibiting access to the site are those that are in favor of a reform.

“The 113 legislators of the PAN Parliamentary Group will be present at the session. Mexican democracy is going through an extremely complex moment and we are all called to act responsibly and respectfully,” he asserted.

He indicated that the “cheating maneuver” by Morena and her allies to change the day of the session was so that there would supposedly be more days to reflect; however, the PAN already had its vote resolved against

For her part, the deputy Mariana Gómez del Campo Gurza, stated that “there is no way” for this opinion to be approved in the plenary discussion, since they need 56 votes.

He indicated that the entire PAN bench is convinced to vote against it, since it is a reform that monopolizes electricity, it is “tailor-made for Manuel Bartlett, head of the CFE, it is polluting, since it ends clean energy.” .

He explained that the PAN will first reject that opinion and then we will present our own bill.

In separate statements to the press, deputy Juan Carlos Romero Hicks (PAN) said that this initiative of the Executive in electrical matters “arrived dead”, and that despite the more than 180 presentations of the Open Parliament, it was not changed “ not even a comma” to the essence of the three main constitutional articles that this project proposes to modify, which represents “a threat to Mexico.”

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