Electoral reform, a good pretext to change the INE councilors

By. Alexander Zapata Perogordo

We are already in the fourth year of the six-year term and given the conditions, it is the right time to carry out a electoral reform, times do not give another moment, so after the june elections will start the making of the rules aimed at regulating the 2024 process, in which the Presidency is renewed.

The electoral reforms in the country have been questioned for having an origin from proposals formulated by the political institutes, which is why they are labeled as coming from the partyocracy for the sake of benefiting the Political Parties.

The tendency to reach leadership agreements between the different political forces setting the rules of electoral competition at the same time as appointing the people who act as arbitrators, has given rise to sustained criticism based on a biased conformation of the electoral bodies.

Well then, it is time to make adjustments to regulate the processes for electing rulers, because although their progress in the last three decades is indisputable, there are still remnants that must be removed, especially when additional issues have also arisen that put the impartiality and freedom of suffrage, consequently, deserve to be approached, analyzed and regulated to avoid phenomena that violate citizen rights.

Vote buying practices; the participation of organized crime in the campaigns; the intimidation of candidates and citizens; corporatist clientelism from governments with social programs; even the imprisonment of political opponents, the kidnapping or execution of candidates, are aspects that are increasingly present with greater intensity.

The official intervention in the contests it is a palpable fact that provokes an intentional imbalance, rendering the principle of impartiality with which they should be conducted null and void, destroying the citizen’s will and eroding the cultural development of democracy.

This way of operating has been more accentuated in the last electoral processes, where there has been evidence of the way of acting of an administration that has not stopped campaigning in favor of the official candidates since the beginning of the six-year term.

The question would be, why change its nature? What is the purpose of an electoral reform? In reality, following their behavior, we will hardly be able to find a credible positive response, that inspires confidence and also that is observed and applied, when the legal norm regarding them has become a dead letter.

I am inclined to think that the intention deep down carries with it a slogan to change the Directors of the National Electoral Institute, taking advantage of the trip to consolidate the latent threat of exterminating the body and putting people in the way.

And for the record, it is necessary to adapt the rules that regulate electoral processes, however, the behavior of those in power leads us to think that they are only interested in preserving the government regardless of the means.

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