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Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, on Tuesday in Palm Beach, Florida.JOE RAEDLE (AFP)

It was a risky bet and was even controversial within the Democratic Party itself. Accusing Donald Trump and his followers of putting democracy at risk, but at the same time supporting some of his most extreme candidates did not seem the most coherent. The calculation was that those figures were going to scare moderate and independent voters. And it has worked out well: the Democrats have clearly defeated the Trump candidates they helped win the Republican primaries in order to have weaker rivals by appealing to the electorate as a whole.

Democrats spent tens of millions choosing their opponents. The support was tried to hide, but it was evident. For example, in the case of John Gibbs, who was running for a seat in the House of Representatives from Michigan, the support came in the form of criticism, which was music to the ears of the base of the Republican Party, those who vote in their primaries. Biden's party bombarded ads saying that John Gibbs had "the same policies" as former President Donald Trump; that he was "too conservative"; that he was “endorsed by Trump”, and that he supported “the hard line against immigration at the border” and “patriotic education”.

The Democrats thus managed to eliminate the current congressman, a moderate politician, from the equation and have as a rival a candidate who maintained, no less, that Hillary Clinton's campaign manager participated in satanic rituals with bodily fluids. They have clearly beaten him.

The Democratic Party also saw Maggie Hassan's position as senator from New Hampshire at risk. In the end, Hassan has achieved a comfortable victory against Don Bolduc, one of the retired generals who signed a letter supporting the hoax that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. He is so far to the right that he called the governor of the State a “communist”, a traditional republican. The Democrats attacked his rival in the primaries, his rival, Chuck Morse, for his good relationship with Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate and unpopular among Trump voters. Bolduc narrowly won the primary and has clearly lost this Tuesday. In that same state, the Democrats supported another Trumpist, Robert Burns, whom they have now also defeated.

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Beyond Congress, the strategy has yielded results in the governors' battle. The one from Illinois, the billionaire Democrat JB Pritzker, allocated more than 30 million dollars to interfere in the Republican primaries and get him elected, also with the support of Trump, the ultra-conservative Darren Bailey. Among his proposals is to leave Chicago, the main city of the state, out of Illinois. Darren Bailey is a pandemic and electoral denier and has argued that the Jewish Holocaust is nothing compared to abortion. After winning the primaries, voters have turned their backs on him.

Another extremist gubernatorial candidate supported by Democrats is Doug Mastriano, in Pennsylvania. He is another electoral denier totally dedicated to Trumpism who went to Washington on January 6, 2021, the day of the assault on Capitol Hill, along with dozens of supporters in buses that he himself had chartered. Mastriano, a retired military man, maintains that climate change is a hoax and opposes not only abortion, but also same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by same-sex couples. He has lost by about 13 points, 10 more than the difference by which the Republicans have been defeated in that state's battle for the Senate.

Doug Mastriano, Tuesday night in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.
Doug Mastriano, Tuesday night in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.Carolyn Kaster (AP)

Dan Cox, a candidate for governor of Maryland, said after the search of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's mansion, that the FBI was like the "communist Stasi" [de la extinta RDA] and he promised to put the national guard and the Maryland police to fight the Government of Joe Biden and his “corruption” if he was elected. The Democrats launched ads describing him as "100% pro-life" and a defender of the Second Amendment, which establishes the right to bear arms, which also allowed him to win the primaries and now lose.

Democrats have emulated Senator Claire McCaskill, who saw her re-election in Missouri threatened in 2012. Elected as an opponent to Todd Akin, the most conservative and dialectically unprepared candidate. In the middle of the campaign, he was asked if he also rejected abortion in cases of rape, and Akin replied that these pregnancies were rare and that "the woman's body has mechanisms to completely close down" if it was "a legitimate rape". McCaskill knew then that the play had worked out for him.

The Republican who has survived Trump's revenge

Only 10 Republicans supported in the House of Representatives subjecting former President Donald Trump to an impeachment trial (impeachment) for his disruptive role that led to the storming of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. Trump has sworn revenge and most of those congressmen will not be on Capitol Hill starting in January. There were four who threw in the towel early on and didn't even run for re-election: Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Adam Kinzinger (Illinois), John Katko (New York) and Fred Upton (Michigan), some slamming the door and others more quietly. . "Great news, another bites the dust," Trump was celebrating.

The rest, Trump stood up to them in the Republican primaries. Peter Meijier (Michigan), Jaime Herrera Butler (Washington), Tom Rice (South Carolina) and Liz Cheney (Wyoming) fell in the face of openly Trumpist candidates. The former president celebrated the latter's defeat as "wonderful" and called it "crazy, spiteful and prudish." Cheney has become an enemy of Trump and has promoted the parliamentary investigation commission on the assault on Capitol Hill.

Only two of the 10 made the cut: David Valadao (California) and Dan Newhouse (Washington). The latter managed to win his seat yesterday and survive Trump's revenge. In the case of Valadao, the scrutiny is going very slowly and everything is up in the air. In addition, Lisa Murkowski, a senator from Alaska who voted for the impeachment re-election is being played against a trumpist, but its result will not be known for a couple of weeks, due to the peculiar voting system of that State.

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