Elections in Colombia | Hernández agrees to participate in the debate against Petro heading to the second round


The candidate for president of Colombia, Rodolfo Hernandezagreed this Thursday to participate in an electoral debate with the candidate of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petrodespite the fact that it is celebrated thanks to the “illegal abuse” of a guardianship and a judicial ruling that has made a right an obligation “of a Stalinist nature”.

In a letter sent to Petro, the self-proclaimed anti-corruption candidate told him that he would anticipate saying that he was ready for the debate, but without specifying “a thousand details that have to be foreseen”something, has said typical of the “style” of the candidate of the left.

“I am also ready to debate”assured now Hernández, who said that he has been “for more than 50 years” when he decided to “build houses, create jobs, pay taxes and not live like a bureaucrat by profession.”

“I also have a government program that has been broadcast millions of times by all media and social networks, some of whose issues have been profusely discussed and analyzed,” said Hernández, who has insisted that he respects and abide by the court ruling, but don’t share it.

“In such a way that this debate that, via blatant and unconstitutional and illegal abuse of a a tool as important as the guardianship actionset up their amanuenses, it must be done in compliance with the ruling of the magistrates who, for the most part, decided that a right would become an obligation of a Stalinist nature,” he protested.

In his letter, Hernández raised how the debate and the rest of the expenses derived from it would be covered, and he has proposed topics and even some names of those who could moderate the meeting, as well as the response time for each question: five minutes because he has not been able to “learn to tell lies” in order to “get out of trouble.

Likewise, it has proposed that “for security reasons and to facilitate consultations and other issues that may arise, the debate is held in the city of Bucaramangaof which he was mayor between 2016 and 2019.

For his part, the candidate on the left has assured that although he has not read them yet, He has no problem accepting Hernández’s conditionsas he told the media during a visit to the coffee region.

“I have not read them, but you can put the conditions you want. I have no problem attending the debate. I go to Bucaramanga, I have no problem. I have lived there, I have many friends, we are going to the debate, ”said Petro, whose team is already talking with the other party for the organization of it.

Subsequently, he has used his personal Twitter account to insist again that he accepts “that the debate ordered by justice be held” and that “it must be unconditional for the press” to “Let them ask what they want.”

Finally, the debate will be held after the Superior Court of Bogotá ruled in favor of a guardianship for both to confront their programs, after Hernández said that he would limit his appearances on his social networks until the date of the second round, which is being held this Sunday the 19th.

For the plaintiffs, Hernández would be breaching the “fundamental right” of every voter to be informed before going to the polls, despite the fact that he has always insisted that it was enough to present their proposals through social networks and in interviews.

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