Elections are held in the Argentine provinces of Tucumán and San Luis | News

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Argentina will experience a new electoral day this Sunday, when elections are held to elect the governor and other local authorities in the provinces of Tucumán and San Luis.


Argentine provinces of Tucumán and San Luis will hold local elections

In Tucumán, around 1,309,000 are summoned to participate in the elections to renew the positions of governor, lieutenant governor, 49 provincial legislators, 19 mayors, councilors of each of their cities and 93 rural commissioners.

Elections in this northern Argentine province were scheduled for May 14 but were suspended due to a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice.

For their part, the inhabitants of the province of San Luis will go to the polls this Sunday to vote for governor, lieutenant governor, 17 mayors and deliberative councils, 21 seats for the Chamber of Deputies and five for the provincial Senate.

In the southeastern Argentine province, a total of 418,689 people are called to participate in the electoral process.

In addition to Tucumán and San Luis, the province of Mendoza will hold the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) to elect the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, 19 senators and 24 provincial deputies, mayors and councilors from 11 cities.

In the province of Corrientes, almost one million people are authorized to vote in midterm elections to define five seats in the provincial Senate, 15 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and representatives in the Councils of 64 communes.

The local elections in Argentina are seen as a test by the different forces and political groups of the South American country with a view to the presidential elections to be held on October 22.

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