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The life of the Mexican is marked in six-year sections. The long-awaited election year is approaching and the perspectives oscillate between the resignation of repeating the frustrations of the promised transformation or the possibility of an even invertebrate change. The election pre-campaign is shortened and in these five years the worst was accentuated and what was offered vanished. The horizon appears empty, and the rest of the year will remain barren, unless some new element emerges to correct the delay in all areas.

The most serious thing is that there are no new challenges. For the six-year term proposed by the official party, only those from the past will continue. The diabolical PRI was minimized, but selfish neoliberalism will remain, except for the revenge of the wise people. There is nothing more to react against or in favor of. The country is in a impasse of inaction.

Social networks are responsible for disseminating news of all kinds and keeping us all informed of what is a daily national priority, as provided by AMLO. Just as if it were a socialist country, you have the alternative of listening to the official voice or the risk of not hearing what is being said. But the political puppet does not reach the bulk of the population who remain oblivious and do not get involved in reasoning their opinions.

A barren uneasiness spreads in the disappointment of not seeing a solution to our entrenched problems. They are not opposed by heroic struggles nor are there hopes that somehow things will be fixed. The end of the pandemic that interrupted the national effort did not open the spirit of national recovery either. As it is not known what to expect in the new administration, the present is renewed impasse with which 2023 ends.

There are, however, reasons to activate a reaction. The accumulation of problems that the inept administration leaves unresolved is not due to its immense size, but to the ineptitude and carelessness that has characterized it even in its very terminal phase. A brief count of failures qualifies the quality of the government that President López Obrador has offered to the nation:

What account is being rendered in security matters where the mafia empire daily assaults and victimizes the population in more than half of the national territory? What accounts does it render in the area of ​​public health where services, medicines and basic facilities are lacking and hundreds die due to lack of urgent care? What explanation is there for the iniquitous confusion in the educational field with schools vandalized, abandoned, without repair and with a distorted official text? What should be said about the lack of effective support for SMEs that employ the bulk of the national workforce? How will the illegally shielded resources for their iconic projects and the forcing of the Army and Navy to unconstitutional care be explained? What can we say about their arbitrary seizure of private financial resources to make up for budget cuts? The list is endless...

The qualification and approval of any government, anywhere in the world, is in the quality of the public services it offers to its population. In each of the cases mentioned, the rating ranges from seriously deficient to null. Is this what the broad, captive popular electorate receives in exchange for their trust? After five years, does the government guided so personally by AMLO deserve to be endorsed?

This is the question addressed, not to those of us who have been disqualifying the disastrous administration for some time, but to the millions of voters who are called to repeat the support they gave in 2018 so that the intended transformation continues. The insistence on extending the so-called transformative program to the next six-year term confirms its resounding and costly failure.

The elections in Mexico have significance beyond our borders. There are several fields in which our international political and economic weight is important to remedy human rights violations, the fight against international mafias, responsibility for climate change, against economic inequality and the control of abusive consortia are just a few examples.

International coordination is essential in these matters and it is urgent to correct the policy of abstention under the pretext of non-intervention to recover the personality and consequent contribution of Mexico in world forums. It is not simply a question of national interest, but of an inevitable responsibility that, without a doubt, benefits our people, whose vote on June 2 is transcendent. We must not forget that the life of the Mexican is marked by six-year periods and we are about to begin another.

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